Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Answer

I want to engorge my spirit on each morsel of the seventeen courses you offer to cook and be enchanted by the ground, course spices of you. I want to be lost in the circularity of your brilliant poetry only to grasp in vain for its meaning.

Please mi vida cut without mercy at the staccato beat of my heart in your thrall.

I reach for your outstretched hand and am rescued.

Only to find this mystery of awkward feeling; enveloping, questioning, and frustratingly elusive.

But when you sing me your songs I find you as you really are and I sit at your feet shocked by our good fortune; the thinnest reeds of luck and desire.

I yearn to carve together our story in an ancient gnarled tree; to etch it in the stone shore of a distant land; to live forever as a talisman of our good fortune.

Together, apart, alone. But found.

Here in my solitude, with you in a mysterious distant land I am lost in your words until suddenly without warning across vast space you plunge your gentle hands into my heaving chest and tear out my heart.

I trust your certainty as you whisper I am yours; though even as I write this you are with him in your shared and romantic far away land.

Your hands drenched in the blood of my violently beating heart. My heart's blood; red with ache and a deep longing desire for your love.

My soul feels blindly in the darkness for yours as I envision we claw together at the bottom of a false well. Suddenly it gives way and we seem to tumble entwined into the eye of the most violent of perfect storms.

I can't swim a stroke. Strong legs are of no use. But I hear your haunting, naked, and most vulnerable song as I drown in the tide; only to be rescued in a dream by the sweetest melody and harmony of a life forever together with you.

Can you tell I'm in love...