Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Magic of A Melancholy Tear

Okay, I've been away from the blog. Endless loop of work, care, sleep, and again. Time is such a precious commodity. However, I realize the more I make the effort to try to get some "me" time; the better I feel and the better I am at giving care. I'm going to write again. And I'm trying to find a kinky friend with benefits. Thought about seeing a pro domme. It would be a perfect solution. But while business is better, health care costs for my wife are rising. I've got insurance but it doesn't cover the constant home care she needs. Plus, we are renovating in the country so she can still get in. Ramps, lifts, and a big shower for a bathroom. Actually, the bathroom is kind of kinky. Watersport anyone? When it's done it will double as a playroom someday! But, the wonder of the pro domme option is out.

I can't really date. Recently, I had a text thing with a friend over an interaction I'd had on my on-line date site. I'd made a nice contact with an age appropriate, interesting, fun sounding, domme. Life got in my way for less than 36 hours and I didn't get back to our chat. On line chat. We had not even met. I checked in and she'd written me a dismissive message that I'd forgotten her already. She seemed upset. Well...she'd not be able to handle me and even though I apologized, she thankfully has not forgiven me. Anyway, my friend says "if you're a client too many emails you're a wanker; if you're a suitor not enough email and you are neglectful." I replied I'm neither suitor nor client. I'm an oddity. She promptly called me Oddity and asked me out to do something or another, but I was, of course, busy. Story of my life.

I'm not asking much. Couple meet ups a month for a couple hours each. Be my key holder, euphemistically speaking, as I'm an on my honor guy. Denial, denial, denial and some tease. Humiliate me with dignity and witty sophistication. I don't have much time for the friend part so love the benefits you supply? I'm sure I'll have extremely attractive, intelligent, available women lined up around the block. But I feel better trying.

So here it is, the Fourth of July. I'm writing again. And it feels good. If I ever figure out how to embed the Tom Waits video I'll add it, but for now I'm putting up the post. Sheesh. I leave for a few months and everything changes...