Monday, February 11, 2013

Caregiving And Slavery

I've never really thought I was a slave. Didn't think I had it in me. I'm too independent, too opinionated, and too contrary just because. Sure I've had my share of fantasies over the years about being locked up in chastity and made to serve. It didn't include doing laundry, paying bills, cleaning the house, or making dinner after a long day at work. But recently I've begun to think that maybe I could be a slave to a domme. Probably not but maybe.

I am my wife's slave. I bathe her, dress her, undress her, cook for her, clean some (not my strong suit), and am learning to cook (big fun). I try to anticipate her needs and just do them without having to be told. I take pride in my work and want to protect her and care for her. I sometimes become resentful, but the negative feelings pass. My feelings of being put upon are far outweighed by my sense that I'm providing her with the best quality of life she can experience in this last leg of her life.

I've been reading "At Her Feet" by Tammy Jo Eckhart and Fox. They are in a long term M/s relationship. She's married and has a husband and Fox is her slave. While the book was mostly common sense and basic psyche 101, it was written from a decidedly kinky point of view by a femdom and her slave. I began to think whether I could do a real 24/7 dommy girl/slave boy thing. I guess I was intrigued by whether I could sustain this dynamic with a dominant woman who was realistic about the limits real life can put on two people. I do this some with She-Who-Visits but we do long distance, not up close and personal. Made me want to talk to her about her thoughts about our future.

Such a venture would involve a poly relationship as she is happily married. More than my doubts that I could be a slave, I have serious doubts I could responsibily commit to a poly relationship. Way to complicated. I can barely sustain a relationship with myself let alone two or more others. Plus, I'm a loner not a joiner.

But in these days of trailing luggage through airports jogging to keep up with the speedy wheelchair attendant who pushes my wife to our waiting car - home from a visit out West to see her parents; it's fun to think about. There's a free form beat to my life and maybe I'm just slave to the rhythm.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sometimes It's Getting Too Dark To See

Icy cold dawn's early run, the gym, and coffee. Maybe she'll need me to get her to the bathroom before the gym, after, just out of the shower, a minute after I pull my underwear on. Mornings are bad for her. She can hardly move. I sit her up as best I can, leveraging my body so the legs take the brunt of the lifting. On her feet she'll falter and I'll hug her and massage her lower back and hips where all the weight and pressure are because of her dead and dying muscles. She still forces herself to walk with her red metal four wheeled stand up helper. I brace her arm with my hand. She stutter steps to the edge of the bathroom and parks the walker. I pull up the commode toilet seat that is way too small for a normal person to enthrone upon. She wobble gaits until she's in front and I reach around, pull down her underwear and lower her onto the seat. I hand her toilet paper. Soon I'll be doing the wiping.

And that's the first ten minutes of her morning. I get her back to bed, test her blood sugar as she's also cursed with Type 1 diabetes since she was a little girl. I fetch coffee, her iPad, her breakfast, her phones. Sometimes I give her a shower. All before I leave for my crazy day. Little by little, day by day, there is no improvement. Only destruction. So gradual, but the sign posts are unmistakeable. She's going slowly and torturously.

But her courage and humor profoundly inspire. Her newfound acceptance of me is stunning. We lunched with Aarkey and Crimson in Florida. Those two had never met and Crimson had never met my wife. She and Crimson chatted away about burlesque. My wife liked them both. Sushi in South Florida where I had set up a second life to be single in and here I was, falling in love with my wife all over again. Crimson texted me later that she saw why I fell for my wife - because she's awesome.

And though it's sometimes too dark to see, our renewed connection will see us through to the entrance of that door.