Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Next Move

So here I am, moved back in with my wife and trying to figure out how to keep up the search for a connection to the kink. I suppose it's not so much "community connection" I seek but rather to keep in touch with friends, make new ones, and have the occassional possibility of a fetish fling of some sort or another. While I don't feel that I can really search out "dating" opportunities, if something organic happened I'd be open to seeing where it led. So a "put-myself-in-harm's-way" strategy seems key. Just the hint of potential can carry me for weeks, sad as that may seem.

She-Who-Visits and I are conspiring to do our annual pilgrimage to Sanibel. She and her husband left corporate type jobs in NYC to be dive instructors in a Caribbean paradise. Now, ironically, they are both back in the hustle on their island and work worse hours than some of my big law bretheren do in NYC. So I know she's looking for a little R&R.

Axe is going to interview me for the Masocast in a couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward that chat. He's the Charlie Rose of bdsm and I'm thinking it will be big fun to talk to him. And then hear myself when it goes public!

I'm hoping to have dinner with my former dance partner and former kinky date set up. Even though there wasn't a love connection I do really miss our weekly turns around the studio floor. And I miss her. Plus, even though there's no chance of any shennanigans, she's way hot and I just like deluding myself into believing that she missed me so much that she'll grab me, drag me back to her place, and have her way with me.

I went to a Recovery In The Lifestyle AA meeting in South Florida. This October will be 30 years of sobriety for me. AA used to be a big part of my life, but I gradually drifted away from it. It was fun to reconnect and say, "Hi, I'm Advo and I'm a kinky alcoholic"!

I think getting my flirt on just a little will improve my feeling of being sucked back into a situation that I didn't want to leave in the first place, but once I did I was just fine. Time will tell.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The New Chapter

So the move is made. My bachelor pad is history and I'm back on the UWS. Still crazy as I'm running back and forth between NY and FLA. But that's good as I ease into the transition of living with my wife again. Flew in last night and arrived home to my wife and two of her friends drinking Cosmos and eating Greek take out. It was actually nice. As much as I loved the mancave the trade off for independence is lonliness.

I actually registered the little Bimmer convertible on my first go around at the Magic City DMV. Sunshine State plates baby! Spent the 4th in my condo alone watching hundreds of little fireworks displays from my panoramic terrace. Went out with my broker who helped me find the condo. She has a woman friend who wants to meet me. Broker Babe has no clue that I'm kinky so this is probably a vanilla set up. It's not like I'm serious about anything. I could meet Mistress Right and what would I do?

Still, I need to have a life. It can't be all caretaking and work. I just have to work at it. As much as I've trained myself to socialize for the business dollar, I'm awful at organizing to see friends. So the date thing hedges against the downside of independence.

My big Julie Newmar poster looks great in the FLA condo and my box of hemp rope and other kink accoutrements arrived from the West Village pad. It's a new chapter so let's turn the page.