Saturday, April 23, 2011

And Now...A Word From Our Sponsor

The kind folks at EdenFantasys have asked me to review sex toys here on "Client Nine" occassionally. They stumbled on my scrawlings and made the offer. In return for a review with some links, I get to keep the toy! Is this a trick?

The site seems decent, if not specifically bdsm high end. But there certainly seems to be enough interesting stuff to keep me busy for awhile. Who knows, maybe I can even suggest acquisitions. Something in a nice Birdlocked perhaps? In addition, the gig brings a certain inspriation to find a dommy girl to play with. That way I could actually have some experience with the toy rather than say using a dildo as a retriever dummy for my dog.

Anyway, I've decided to whore myself to crass commercialism in order to acquire a few functional gizmos to enhance all those hot kinky sex liasons I've been having. Hopefully, I won't have to rent extra storage space in my building before I find someone to kick the tires with.

Despite my completely impulsive and precipitous decision to just go for it, I have put up the first "Client Nine" poll. Please weigh in on my move to become the Siskell and Ebert of sex toys.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vanilla Serial

This past week I went on three, count them, three e-dates through OKCupid. As I related a post ago, OKCupid is a free, non-fetish, dating site that rates personalities and matches people according to answers on multiple choice questions. In a section of a person's profile, characteristics are expressed in a bar graph against a "norm" of OKC members. For example, someone may be more aggressive, cool, spiritual, or adventurous. A blue bar stretches out to the right of the mid-line expressing how much "cooler" you are than the normal OKC e-dater.

BTW, isn't "OKC" pretty sceney? Like "Over-The-Knee Cupid"? She-Who-Visits actually thought that was what it stood for. Don't I wish!

Anyway, I test off the charts for more "kinky" than the normal OKCupid hopeful, so I figure they must be doing something right. But as I've come to learn this week, what I think is kinky and what OKCupid rates as kinky are two very different things. OKCupid thinks you're kinky if you're bi; or don't believe in monogamy; or would date someone who had sex with a member of the same sex. So there's a gulf, to say the least.

But it has been lots of fun. All three women were smart, thoughtful, funny, and very respectful of my desire to meet a dommy girl. The one on Friday night even reached over and kissed me, on the mouth with tongue, in the dark hors d'oeuvres bar where we met and then dared me to try and turn her on. There she sat, directly opposite me; her arms folded to wield her ample decolletage! Now, since I have a way with words, if I do say so myself, I succeeded in meeting her hot challenge - or so she said. But she was already seeing a Mennonite and I suppose dating me would be like going out with a Pigalle street walker by comparison.

She messaged me this morning that it seemed to her I wanted to hook-up with someone who wanted to live "the lifestyle" and she simply wanted to meet someone she liked and who liked her. It was clear, however, that somewhere inside, percolating like an errant underground spring; she had a kinky streak. She just didn't want to go there. She wanted the Mennonite.

I like this serial vanilla dating because these women reflect me back at myself and push me to really think about what it is I want. My kink is pretty manageable I think. 24/7 slave? No way. A completely female led relationship? I've always had a problem with authority. I can tick off a list of preferences, none of which are particularly involved, but I think it's the connection and the attitude that really takes me there.

And I'm not going to compromise or settle. That's not to say that in the day-to-day clinches of a relationship I wouldn't give. I have a giving and accomodating nature. Just ask She-Who-Visits! Nobody grovels like me, says She. In the end, I'm looking for a somewhat scene savvy, dominant woman who wants to invite me to share her unique adventure - and together we'll make it ours.

I'll know her when I see her. I've given up too much and come too far to not keep looking. Ya might even say I've fought for my right to be chosen by the domme girl of my dreams.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Domme On 19th Street

Her ad in Screw Magazine had no picture. Magazine is a misnomer. It was a sleezy, misogynistic rag. But Mr. Goldstein ran ads from dommes. After a time there was a whole section entitled Hells Belles. But her ad ran years before that and was just text and a phone number. I called the number and she answered.

I forget what her ad said or why it drew my attention. Who am I kidding? I called all the ads back then. I was a domme ad whore. I forget what she said or what it was about her manner that drove me to make an appointment. And I don't remember how it was I ended up in the Peter McManus Cafe as I was told. I just as often called, made appointments, and no showed.

It was before I quit drinking, in the gorgeous dirty desperation of late 70's New York. After I fortified myself with a shot or two of Bushmills, I called from the venerable Irish bar which still graces the corner of 19th Street and 7th Avenue. She answered. Come over, I'm right down the block.

I sometimes miss the feeling. Like I was the electricity shaking my body. Nothing else mattered except getting to that door and seeing it open, as if by magic.

I remember her well, though I can't recall her name. She was probably in her late twenties like me. Curvy and fit, dressed in classic black retro lingerie and back seamed stockings. Bullet bra, full panel panties, a waist-cinching garter belt,and nylons ending in skyscraper, patent leather stilletos. She had jet black hair cut in a Louise Brooks fetish bob.

She didn't smile, but had an easy, confident manner. She was smart and articulate. She put leather cuffs on me and attached me to the Saint Andrew's cross that was sunk into the wall of the bedroom in her clean, simple walk-up apartment. She matter-of-factly put nipple clamps on my virgin flesh. She rubbed her black pantied hips against my raging demonstration of desire.

She pulled me and slapped me and beat me. She laid me on my back, took her panties off and squatted over me. Over my mouth. She lashed me hard with her rough hewn riding crop as my tongue involutarily rose, its own mindless erection in full bloom.

"Put that back!" she snapped. "But keep your mouth open," her words a hot hiss, as I hurriedly did what I was told.

She pissed in my mouth and told me to swallow. She did it again. And again. And once more. I coughed and sputtered as taste, stomach and mind struggled with the confusion.

"One more time?", she asked sweetly. "For me?"

For weeks afterwards I tasted her in the oddest of moments. And every time I walk by McManus's Cafe, I think of the domme on 19th Street, and wonder what happened to her and marvel at what riches she showed me.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Stealth E-Date Profile

So, you're a red-blooded, horny, kinky, newly single (or something), submissive guy and you want to maximize your chances of catching the eye of a dommy girl love interest. Sure, there are classes, fetish parties, munches, Shibari Cons, writing salons, and the old fashioned set-up. But when you get right down to it, don't you want to at least try the on-line dating thing?

Some time ago I signed up for and I'm just recently getting more emails that say there are hordes of dominant women who live within five miles of me and want to meet me. I find CollarMe to be odd and very random. No thought given to potential compatibility.

Before I separated from my wife I messed around a bit on She-Who-Visits met her husband on Alt. But the site tends to be almost exclusively kink focussed. I mean I do have a serious vintage lingerie fetish, but I like to know she's well read and can run rings around me with her interests in dance, theatre, and her mastery (mistressery?) of some obscure 17th century artist. Me, I like a good action movie, a vat of diet coke, and a tub of salty, butter-like topping soaked popcorn. Don't they say opposites attract, or something?

But I figured what the hell, I took the plunge and I signed up again as "advochasty". We'll see. I like the overtly kinky profiles there.

I also joined Mainly because at lunch last week with Ms. Mah Wah Kiss she emphatically stated I should immediately jump in there since everyone knows "Nerve is for Pervs". Site is set up like Alt. Both have these "Gold and Silver" pay-to-play memberships which allow more access to your fellow seekers. I tried to pay for Alt but the fraud protection folks stopped the transaction as suspicious. Oh come on, I've lived on my own almost a whole year now. I'm looking for love in all the right places, aren't I?

But my real find is OK Cupid. It's totally free, lets you post pictures, and has a never ending supply of personality based multiple choice questions that help to match you up to your potential perfect date. The site operators have a sense of humor too. I got an email this week that showed me five potential love interests. We'd gotten high compatibility ratings on some subjects and polar opposites in others. The email urged me to view the women as great "divorce material". Hilarious.

But what I like best about OK Cupid is that it rates by bar graph all the folks who answer the personality questions as having a higher or lower amount of say kindness, coolness, or spirtuality against an average. And they rate for kinky!

I joined OK Cupid at the suggestion of a kinky friend but she didn't tell me about the kink-o-meter. I just signed up this week. At first I was all like, "dude, this sucks", as I was getting hit on by women who wanted to walk on the beach and cook with me. But I discovered the kink-o-meter and now I'm the one who is cooking with gas! So far I've sent out three messages. All to bisexual women, all who are very clearly into kink. We'll see, they probably won't respond. But I find the site highly entertaining.

My stealth profile talks about vanilla stuff and hints at my kink. One of the bits of information the site asks you to provide is "The most private thing I'm willing to admit"... I wrote, something about liking nice, bold women who are appropriately mean. A domme would get that, wouldn't she? Not be offended that I want her mean. But I'm not saying my chastity record is 82 days, I like to drink your piss, and lick the back seam of your fully fashioned, reinforced heel and toe, black Cuban stockings. Though probably not in that order.

So there we have it. Advo the E-Dater. Hey, ya never know. A new subbie friend said he met his partner and Love Domme on E-Harmony! And if this doesn't work, maybe I'll just get a car that goes boom.