Saturday, December 12, 2009

Takin' My Frito To Tito

"You're going to die," said my dear friend Ms. Mahwah Kiss. "One day your penis won't work anymore."

I guess it's been awhile since I wrote, huh? Been busy. And crazy. Selling my home, leaving my wife, studying for the bar exam, hiring new people. Am I kinky? I forget. Such change is hard. One minute I'm an elated, grandiose dreamer and the next I'm a despondent little fourteen year old being dragged from my house next door into the home of my step father by my long departed Mommie Dearest. Mostly, I just don't know which end is up.

But it's all for the best. Never had to make a soul shattering decision so driven by money. It's looking good though. If it all comes through, I'll be out of debt for the first time in two years, moved into a new place in the FiDi, with a lower nut and lots of dreams. Really, when I let myself own what I'm about to accomplish I'm truly and deeply amazed.

The wife and I are generally on much better terms. Just before I saw She in Miami this last time, my wife snooped in the CrackBerry and found a pretty innocuous email to She. After a scene, I've actually had a couple of conversations with the wife about She, in as vanilla a way as possible, and I'm still alive to tell the tale. And today we ran into Ms. Mahwah's sister on the street in Tribeca. That, of course, set off a little Duane Street tiff, but as I feel my body for knife or bullet wounds, I'm still here, blabbering on my blog about it.

So, dear readers, Advo is alive and well. Dreaming some Sunshine State dreams as I learn all over again about the privileges and immunities clause. But to all who wonder if I'm leaving town for palm trees and Lincoln Road, I'm here to tell you - I'm in an Empire State of Mind.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hey Bro Advo:

Good to see you back here again and know that you're alive and well. I had a feeling you were up to your eyeballs in alligators. Congratulations on coming through this phase successfully! We anxiously await the next chapter! ;-)

Whizzer said...


Missed you. Great to see you back.

Step by friend!

I actually had a conversation with the wife over the weekend about possibly taking the Bar exam for another State. Although, not Florida. The future looms so much sooner than we would ever think. She'll kill me if she ever has to put up with me just hanging around the house all day! Justifiable homicide, I think they call it!!!

Hang in.


Volond said...

Good to have you "back"!

Best of luck.

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advochasty said...


Still wrestling with alligators and neglecting my exaulted position in the blogosphere! ;-) This phase drags on as the next phase waits anxiously in the wings!!

Whizzer -

I think if I had more time I'd actually enjoy the bar exam study! Ya, I'm a big time maso for sure!

Voland -

"Back" indeed. Maybe I'll get a holiday blog post up. Thanks for dropping by!!

ggbbgg121 -