Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The One

As the ordeal of examination gradually drifts into the past, the future stretches out like a lazy, calm river pool. Around the corner could be rapids leading to a precipitous waterfall, but right now I'm just floating along enjoying the scenery -- content not to be trying to figure out the riparian rights of the people I see waving to me from the banks.

Do I rent or do I buy? Will it be the FiDi, the UWS, or the East Village? Will I go visit the Sunshine State this month or next? Tough questions, but someone's gotta answer them. Ms. Kiss and I were sitting in the late winter sunshine yesterday talking about these pressing issues as I had sought her counsel about the rent or buy question. She's got a banker brain and I do not, thank you very much. We got snagged on property division.

"Your wife should not have a future interest in any apartment you buy. Are you crazy? You're getting divorced! When you meet someone and are living with her in your new place, how do you think she's going to feel when you have to give half of the apartment sale to your ex-wife?"

You know the catagory on Facebook or online dating services marked "It's complicated." I don't think Ms. Kiss gets that catagory. I've spent the past 30 odd years of my life in dedicated, long term relationships or marriages. I know alot about the clinches of committment. I suppose what I'm looking forward to most about my impending separation is my new single life. I know very little about being single. No doubt it will be an "it's complicated" bachelorhood. But that's the allure.

Unlike Ms. Kiss, who is and should be looking for Mr. Right -- I'm looking for a life. Part of the life I hope will be meeting new friends, some of whom will be kinky. I recently wrote to Yin and asked to be favorably considered for an upcoming "Writing Cage", which she'd advertised publicly on her blog. I don't want to have to lie and sneak around to read my writing at such a cool event if I get asked.

I'm not looking for the one. I'm looking for a life.

Well...maybe Ms. Kiss and I could visit Madame Ruth...


Aarkey said...

FWIW, I don't get the "it's complicated" bit either.

Because it goes without saying.

Matters of the heart. Between two people. Never simple.

Well, after the blissful infatuation ends at least ;)

advochasty said...

I kinda like it as a catch-all disclaimer. But matters of the heart...never simple.

"imoduck" ... hey if it quacks like a duck...