Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'll Give It To You Right

After a week in the sun the frigid Hudson river wind cuts at my spirit like a hard sell Ginsu knife; my partner on my pre-dawn ritual run. But spring is around the corner with its promise of re-birth and re-awakening. For the first time in I can't remember I have no dommy crush girl. At least not one who lives within a subway ride of my done up subbie bachelor digs.

If there was anything to break, I broke up with Crush Girl a few weeks ago. She was surprisingly shocked I'd do such a "dismissive" thing. Did I really owe all that much consult and confer energy based on two dates in three months? And Ms. Mah Wah Kiss and I are no longer Best Flirt Friends. Funny how sometimes getting to know people better either brings you closer or sharply crystalizes why they are chronically solo despite wanting the Manhattan equivalent of a white picket fence and 2.1 children.

So when the mercury actually breaks into the 60's with at least some consistency, maybe my chilled heart will thaw. I need a prowling strategy. How to more consistently run the risk of catching the roving eye of an attractive dominant? A domme friend told me the other day she thought I was doing all the right things. Getting out and about, having scene friends, maintaining my mysterious menage with She; all things that lots of subbie guys want.

So with the promise of the flash of leg, the intoxicant of toe cleavage, and a gaze fixed on the lickable underarm - I'm ready. I'll give it to her right, and she'll be satified. Or at least hurt me if she's not.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hey Advo:

Just read your post to Her Majesty. She agreed that you write really well. It's great to have scene friends. We just had Mexican tappas with another kinky couple here in Philly. It was really nice to be able to talk freely about everything under the sun including kinky stuff with another couple who are into the same things we are. It was a good time. And a first for Her Majesty. Sort of a milestone.

Be well my friend. You will have your toe cleavage. You will yet lick an underarm. Subbie power yo!

advochasty said...


Wow, that's great you guys went out with another kinky couple. And I'm very honored you read my post to Her Majesty! It's great to have friends who really understand.

Now, the hunt for a hot, sweaty, sexy, armpit. Bring spring!

Whizzer said...

Advo: Good news - Bad News

Bad News: Had to breakout my best cold weather running gear for this morning's run.

Good News: The horse farm I ran past had the horses frolicking in the pasture. A sure sign they are feeling their Spring oats.

And you're working on staying in shape. Let the games begin. You'll be ready!!



advochasty said...


Good News - I ran each morning in Miami in shorts and a t-shirt, the endorphins urging dawn on Biscayne Bay.

Bad News - I ran this morning in my cold weather gear I've worn every dark Hudson river dawn since November.

Good News - The bright yellow daffodils and vibrant purple crocus of spring defied the frigid March wind and insisted spring is around the bend. What happen to going out like a lamb?

And yes! I'm ready for the games to begin! Bring it baby!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Most kinksters would scoff, but i hit the absolute Domme jackpot on Collar Me. Yes, i know it is rare but boy am i glad that i took that shot. #youneverknow



BTW, your name came up in conversation last week :)

Aarkey said...

I know those feelings bro, and if your experiences end up being anything like mine, it will be when you say "I'm really ok with being on my own" that it'll fall into your lap.

It's weird like that.

And rather annoying, frankly.

advochasty said...

Ikink -

I should give CollarMe a whirl. Really, I'm game for anything and the whole "hunt and gather" thing is fun if I just don't put much weight on any given effort.

Always nice to know that my name is out there... I think!

Thanks for dropping by.

Aarkey -

Ya, it's funny the timing like that. I just need to go with the flow. Being on my own is fine and actually, serial dating either kinky girls or vanilla women is good to see my own reflection in the pond.

Just beginning to get my single sea legs!