Sunday, November 11, 2012

Have A Heart

Yesterday I took my wife to the movies. We saw the excellent new Bond, Skyfall. She went in her wheelchair for the first time. It was an adventure, but really quite easy. The chair, with some strategic alteration, could be Bond hardware it's so high-tech. Cost more than my 2009 Subaru Forester. Yes, I know it's a lesbian car and I'm its very proud owner.

Anyway we made it to the theater way more quickly than we would have if she had used her walker. Just last weekend she almost fell in the street as she rolled over an uneven manhole cover. I was able to grab her just in time before she hit concrete. Nothing like being credited with savior status. We took the elevator up to the IMAX and just as we were about to get off the movie attendant who just happened to be there stopped us and said we could go up to the wheelchair access level. We got to be the first ones in the theater.

Great to have a spare chair to pile coats on and sitting in the back row at the huge screen was perfect. When the movie ended we just waited for the crowd to drain and took the elevator to street level and came home.

I wish all of this process was as easy and fun as seeing Daniel Craig Bond about.

Indeed, the whole process shrinks life, both hers and mine. I work and caregive. While I console myself that it is time limited, the limit is the remaining lifetime of someone I love so it feels like the ultimate predicament. I spent the morning looking at profiles on FetLife. I've tried following some posts and commenting there but I find it difficult to make a connection.

Oh well, it's a sunny mild day after Frankenstorm hammered us and then the cold slapped us for good measure. I'll take a walk and dream of better days past and brighter days future.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

I can so relate to this post. Especially the parts about negotiating a wheel chair without spilling the loved one into oncoming traffic (almost did that myself) and the part about the time limit. Yes the care giving is only temporary but when it is over your loved one will be gone. A familiar predicament indeed. In fact Her Majesty and I are getting ready to go visit my mom as I type this.

Glad you enjoyed Skyfall. Her Majesty and I are really looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully tomorrow.

Cheers amigo. Good luck navigating the (sometimes bumpy) road ahead.

advochasty said...


The near spill came when we were crossing the street and she was using her walker. It's been a godsend but soon she'll only be getting around in the chair. Or The Chair. It's like a mechanized sports car. She can go way faster than me! It's heavy and stable. It can rise her up to about shoulder height. No problem if here's a tall person in the seat ahead!

No ejector seat but she wants rockets to blast away the cars that ocassionally block the crosswalks!

Her Majesty's Plaything said...


I had no idea Q designed a wheel chair! ;-)

Aarkey said...

That chair sounds like it is a bond weapon, more $$ than a Forester? Does it fly? It should! :)

Grateful to read that you caught her in the fall. I'm sure that could have been an awful moment, and I have no doubt that each day is filled with bitter sweet moments.

Glad you enjoyed the movie, definitely one of the better Bond's for sure.

Be well my friend.