Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Expanse Of Bay

The black car flew across the causeway from St. Pete's to Tampa Airport. The bay here is a massive, horizon bending expanse. A spirit freeing sight. Worries, fears, terrors take wing and fly free to glide on momentary release. I remembered our trip to her little shelling atoll along a south bound ribbon of highway. Now threatened by an ugly, oily invasion; I sent an entreaty to ocean gods to keep it safe. She-Who-Visits loves it so. It is a safe haven. There, we will meet again and I'll be hers - if only for three days.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

As an avid diver and an active supporter of the marine environment I am worried sick about what BP and assorted other greedy, irresponsible morons have done to the gulf. I have upped my financial contributions to various environmental activist organizations most notably the Ocean Conservancy. Here is a link. Sometimes you have to put your money where your heart is.

advochasty said...


Thanks for the link. NY Times this morning said deep water oil plumes in the Gulf may be huge and much worse than originally thought to be. Just horrible.

Aarkey said...

It's sad to see and hear about what that oil spill is doing and might do by the time it's finally stopped. The cap they put on last weekend only covered 20% of the leak, it's all just such a tragedy. I hope and pray we all learn from this and those who are so greedy to show record profits and yet don't bother to maintain the fail safes to stop this kind of tragedy - or even have any ready response available in case of this type of emergency get flayed alive...


Sure is a beautiful bridge over there, isn't it? :-/

Good to read an update. Be well.


What the what?

advochasty said...

I tune in and out of the story, but part of me wonders whether the oil will ever be stopped. It just seems to keep coming and get worse and worse.