Friday, July 16, 2010


It has been a tumultuous emotional time. It's only been a little over a week in the new place. Other than living in back of a Haight Ashbury cafe off the Panhandle and in a month-to-month garrot in the pre-gentrified Mission back in the early seventies, it's the first apartment I've found and rented by myself. Certainly my first NYC adult guy apartment. Adult that is if you count a five foot poster of Julie Newmar on the wall as adult.

It was my birthday on Wednesday and Ms. MahWah Kiss took me out to the veranda at Cipriani on Wall Street for lunch. I was talking about putting some beautiful vases on the false ceiling soffit overlooking the sleeping alcove and illuminating them with strip lighting.

"Oh no", she decreed. "That whole area? A man of your proclivities? That area has all sorts of acrobatic potential. You're putting vases on top? There will be shattering."

I collapsed, hysterical.

But Ms. Kiss's cautions and place-of-my own memories have triggered reminisence.

The eighties in the West Side nineties. As Subdued reminded me a year or so ago there was this section of Screw Magazine called "Helles Belles" where prodommes advertised. Back before DDI took off and became an almost alt artiste journal. A domme named Carol used to visit my Upper West, rent-stable abode. The entrance to the massive living room was framed with wide, thick, ornate, sturdy, wooden molding.

I affixed eyebolts up and down either side of my very own pre-war whipping post. They were tucked on the side and not particularly obvious, but deliciouly effective. Carol would arrive in a tightly tailored suit smartly accessorized with a tote bag full of goodies. We'd get right to the business at hand.

She'd lash me tightly to my ornate corner cornice and proceed to alternately tease me into a drooling frenzy and then viciously beat my obliging eagerness until my ardor began a slow, disappointed surrender. Then she'd go about a knee weakening re-envigoration of engourged attention, only to attack yet again. Used to do three hour sessions of this and only this. Such a Johnny-B-One-Note.

To my delight and horror, I'd look like a piece of blackened cauliflour the next day.

And ya know? With this new place? I'm gonna learn to dance if it takes me all night and day. I got my eye on you baby cause you dance so good.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I knew the day was very close to mine but I couldn't remember the exact date! I'm glad your friend Mawah kiss took you out!! But you know you really do need someone to give you a proper birthday spanking whipping, paddling, caning, strapping! When you get to be our age it becomes more of a challenge to count all the strokes without having to start over from the beginning! :-p

Those are really lovely memories of Carol. I can just imagine how much fun those sessions must have been. A Domme who provides outcall to your bachelor pad? That number definitely belongs on speed dial! Great song too! Especially the Stones version on "Get Your Ya Yas Out."

Happy Birthday bro! Good luck with everything! I wish only the best of everything for you!! :-)

advochasty said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Ms. Kiss is big fun, but my hemp rope from Twisted Monk arrived today and it really inspires a certain longing. The smell, color, and texture of it just makes me wanna get my freak on!!

Ah maybe a birthday spanking next year!

Carol was a tough, no nonsense, business woman. The only place I ever saw her advertise was in Screw and the ad just said "Carol-Outcall". That's gotta be a tough gig.

The edging coupled with the sadistic beating pushed my inner envelope. She said almost nothing to me and often just coldly left me after undoing me from my eyebolts.


Aarkey said...

Happy B-day to you (and to you too HMP!)

As to being a Johnny-one-note, what you describe sounds like two notes in harmony to me!

And I don't know if a Julie Newmar poster is indicative of "adult" but I don't think it precludes it either.

advochasty said...

Aarkey -

Those two harmonious notes are up there with all my very favorites.

And as "adult" as life gets sometimes, ya gotta leave space for the inner 14 year old, enthralled with the delicious delicaies of that first taste of the dommy.

Mistress Crimson said...

I can't believe I forgot your birthday! Yikes! I owe you a cupcake when I am next in town.

Also, I can't believe I've never heard this Carol story before. I am arching my eyebrow at you, sir.

advochasty said...


Yes, a cupcake please!

There are a few stories you haven't heard.

Lots of arched eyebrow inspiration!

Ms. Tara Sterling said...

Happy Birthday!!!

advochasty said...


Thank you so much! And thanks for dropping by! Always such a pleasure!

Subdued said...

Advo, happy birthday! (And I feel weirdly honored to have been cited in your post.)

advochasty said...

Subdued -

It was meant as an honor. As a recognition that you'd reminded me I wasn't the only perv buying Screw religiously to see whether there were new ads.

I suppose most honors connected to "this thing of ours" are weird.

Thanks for the b'day wishes!!

MVX said...

Apologies for the belated nature of the well wishes but: happy birthday! And congratulations on your new place.

advochasty said...


A birthday wish from you, belated or otherwise, is a wonderful thing! Thanks so much!!