Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gonna Take A While For This Egg To Hatch

Somehow Thanksgiving just doesn't inspire my perv side like the week between Christmas and New Year does. But despite all life's current challenges and difficulties I am very thankful. I have lots of new kinky friends. I get to go have Thanksgiving dinner with the same folks I've done the holiday with for twenty two odd years and my wife and I will eat together and be happy to see each other.

I have a kinky dance partner and though I know the studio and instructors are just hustling us, they all say we're hot.

And then there's the new crush girl who is cooking dinner for 20 and called me the other night from the grocery line just to say hi. And even though my condo deal in Miami went south and I won't be going to Art Basal with Ms. Mah Wah Kiss; I have my license to practice in the sun.

I'm to bring soda, near beer, and cigars today and on the way back, my playlist produced this goodie which made me think of my kinky new crush girl. Sometimes I'm just a teenage girl.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Happy Thanksgiving Advo! I hope you have a great holiday! Best of luck with all things wild and wonderful! ;-)


Aarkey said...

Bummer about the place in Miami. That's a pain in the ass when you live out of town it's an even bigger PitA! :(

But the rest of it sounds pretty good ;)

advochasty said...


Hope you had a good one too! Hopin' for a little "norkee" from the crush girl???

Aarkey -

Real estate!! Damn it!!

The rest is pretty good! Hope you had a good one.