Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Perspectives

Last weekend I hosted She-Who-Visits and her friend who I'll call Swinger Girl in my Magic City condo. They were up from their idyllic island paradise for an intensive, off-island shop-a-thon. They arrived last Friday but alas, work kept me from preparing a proper welcome and I did not arrive until early Saturday morning. When I entered, I knew my place was not my own. Greeting me in the foyer was a pair of summer, strappy wedges.'s a sign. No shoes inside for the weekend. The visiting She is totally OCD about cleanliness. They had left early for one of the massive malls and a marathon of buying things that can't be found in Caribbean paradise.

Throughout the afternoon I re-organized so that I had servant's quarters in my little study nook as they had commandeered the bedroom. I laid out a nice little cheese and crackers spread for their return so we could nosh a bit before our dinner reservation in South Beach. Time passed. Shopping prevailed and they arrived back, glassy eyed and exhausted from their enforced version of super-mall sweep.

This was the very first time in the over five years I've known She that we'd had a guest. Swinger Girl was so incredibly nice and sweet. It was almost painful. I set out the hors d'oeuvres and was invited to sit at their feet by the sofa.

"Why don't you give her a foot massage", She ordered. "And tell him if he's doing it wrong because he's just not very good."

Swinger Girl was immediately appreciative and grateful for my sincere and hearfelt efforts.

"No, no, no!!", She laughed. "I've invested far too much time training him for you to be so nice and ruin it all!"

And so the weekend went. I waited on the them hand and foot. On Sunday I drove them to what seemed like nineteen different malls and a Walmart. I carried their packages to the car. I ferried them from J.C. Penny to Kohl's. I had a great time in the first real social interaction She and I have had together.

I used to be She's client. Now I am her dear friend and submissive on the side. I left them to go to work on Monday morning. Saying goodbye to her is much less painful as I know our relationship is a deep, long-lasting, lifetime current. When I got down to the car there was a $20 bill in the cup holder. Gas money? From She? Certainly one of the sweetest things she's ever done. Financial times are hard and I have upcoming medical expenses for the care of my dying wife. She really shouldn't have.

As luck would have it, Swinger Girl had one more internet shopping package that arrived that morning at my office. I jumped in the car and drove it home to the condo as they were not leaving until later that evening. When I got upstairs the two women were deep into packing their booty just so to look to island customs as though it was just their clothing from a seventeen week stay stateside.

"Was that gas money you left me?" I asked. "I should report you to the authorities that oversee your team. So sweet, but you are slipping, aren't you?"

She got a dark look and immediately grabbed my wallet out of my back suit pocket and took all my cash. I was horrified. I truly am a nitwit sometimes. My silly attempt at humor had deeply offended her. I should have thanked her profusely for her sweetness and yet my pride and shame at not being the earner that I once was, even though I know it's the economy, had gotten the best of me.

She made me beg and plead for my money back which I did with serious conviction. Eventually she relented. She took two five dollar bills and ripped the corners from them. She said we'd each keep one to remember this moment. I pecked her on the cheek. She grabbed me and hugged me and I was gone.

Later that night when I got home there was a note. She left me two more ten dollar bills and the torn five with the corner taped onto the note.

"Here's some more for something nice and a little more for an emergency."

And she signed it with a heart.

New perspectives and a future with a complex and dear friend to share it with in fleeting, borrowed, weekend bursts. Mean girls...they are so deliciously good.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

That was beautiful! So nice to hear you had that little oasis of servitude and can look forward to revisiting it again in the future. Lots of funny, tender moments in there! Good for you Advo! Keep on subbing! ;-)

advochasty said...


It was a fun weekend. Had to remind myself to not be "set in my ways" when it comes to "my space". But it really was a new perspective on my relationship with She. The main thing was how sweet the whole time was. Thanks!!

Aarkey said...

I'm sorry I missed you this visit, but it sure sounds like you were in your own magic city ;)

advochasty said...


There were some magic moments for sure. Sorry I missed you too bro. Next time, always a next time!

Miss Margo said...


What a heartwarming (and seriously entertaining) blog post!

"You're slipping--" Advo, were you out of your mind?! This woman sounds a hell of a lot meaner than me, and whenever a sub challenges me like that, I land on him like a ton of bricks. You have to, otherwise you lose credibility.

I like ripping the money for a memento. I might appropriate that for myself.

"A seventeen-week trip stateside"--jeez, must have been a lot of clothes!

I am glad that you had fun, Advo. Everyone needs to relax sometimes.

Hope you are well!

advochasty said...

I was out of my mind and horrified by my insensitivity. I realize more and more that I speak bad bdsm when I try to communicate sometimes with She. I was touched and then ashamed that I no longer am the same "provider" I once was. So I was a total nitwit. She was actually kind and gentle with me compared to other transgressions I've managed to commit over the years.

I'm well thanks! Hope you are too!

Whizzer said...


Good for you for being able to even find the time with all that is going on. I've had similar type pressures and kink has been way too far down my list of priorities.

And I can't wait to hear what Mistress Crimson has to say about the accompanying music video!!!

Stay well,


advochasty said...


As much as I played host, She was an appreciative and accomodating, if always demanding, guest. And her friend was fun. Life feels like a bit of a blizzard right now so the weekend was a treat, though truth be told on Monday night I was exhausted and happy to have my place back.

Crimson has been a stranger to comments here for awhile, though I know she is very much alive and well. I fear she'd say my choice of video was mainstream and a tad pedestrian as her burlesque is edgy and alt - just like her. Maybe we'll inspire her to actually tell us what she thinks!

Thanks for dropping by!!

Ms. Tara Sterling said...

Fun! The best part being your long earned sense of security and confidence in the relationship. Best wishes.

advochasty said...

Hey Ms. T,

Thanks for dropping by! It has been a long road to feeling more confident and secure in my connection with She. There are bound to be more bumps and glitches, but things have just smoothed out a lot. Hope all is well.