Saturday, July 7, 2012

The New Chapter

So the move is made. My bachelor pad is history and I'm back on the UWS. Still crazy as I'm running back and forth between NY and FLA. But that's good as I ease into the transition of living with my wife again. Flew in last night and arrived home to my wife and two of her friends drinking Cosmos and eating Greek take out. It was actually nice. As much as I loved the mancave the trade off for independence is lonliness.

I actually registered the little Bimmer convertible on my first go around at the Magic City DMV. Sunshine State plates baby! Spent the 4th in my condo alone watching hundreds of little fireworks displays from my panoramic terrace. Went out with my broker who helped me find the condo. She has a woman friend who wants to meet me. Broker Babe has no clue that I'm kinky so this is probably a vanilla set up. It's not like I'm serious about anything. I could meet Mistress Right and what would I do?

Still, I need to have a life. It can't be all caretaking and work. I just have to work at it. As much as I've trained myself to socialize for the business dollar, I'm awful at organizing to see friends. So the date thing hedges against the downside of independence.

My big Julie Newmar poster looks great in the FLA condo and my box of hemp rope and other kink accoutrements arrived from the West Village pad. It's a new chapter so let's turn the page.


Miss Margo said...

The comedian Chris Rock, whom I adore, has a skit in which he says: "You can be married and bored, or single and lonely."

Good luck on your date! That's exciting!

I'm more of a service Top than a Domme, but I'm not half bad. I'd torture you for free, Advo. The pleasure's all mine. After all--we all have needs! :)

Crimson said...

I'm glad to see that you're doing some self-care. Miss you!

P.S. I custom ordered a Julie Newmar wig with cat ears built in, and it arrived today. I had no idea you were such a fan, too!

advochasty said...

Margo -

What a truly exciting and intriguing offer. Kind I'd even say to the extent torture can be kind! ;-) And I'm sure the pleasure would not, indeed, be all yours.

I remember the Chris routine. I don't think I really realized the lonliness factor until it became clear that I just wasn't ready for Mistress Right. Until then, the search was so novel and one I just didn't take all that seriously that I was pretty easy and upbeat with the whole thing.

Thanks again for the torture sweet, especially with all you have on your plate.

advochasty said...

Dearest Ms. C,

What a true treat to have you drop by Client Nine! I miss you too! Sooo good to have seen you and hung out.

I am a huge Julie fan. She definitely was my first domme. From postings on Max I gather that I'm not alone. Subbie men "of a certain age" were enthalled with Ms. Newmar's classic Catwoman.

I think I've also told you that I'm totally hot for Christina Hendricks.

Yes, self care is important. Gotta be some me time. And I tend to be my own worst critic so self slack cutting is also up there on the lengthy to do list.

Again, great to have you drop by!!

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Good luck in this time of transition my friend! You are very smart to work at taking some time for yourself too! It may be a challenge to fit it in with everything else going on but it is very important. Your Julie Newmar poster sounds very cool! :)

advochasty said...


I posted the Julie poster in a Client Nine post two years ago when I first moved into the mancave. She oversaw my bachelor doings in the West Village and now she's followed me to the Magic City. I have three sepia tone, super detail photos of seashells to hang on the same wall if I ever find time to get frames. A nice homage to She-Who-Visits. After all, it was She who, at least in part, inspired my whole Miami dream.

A dream which is now a pretty firm foothold on a New Chapter reality!

Constanze Borgia said...

Best of luck on your new adventure and giving up your batcave ;)

advochasty said...


It's a drag to give up the batcave. Funny but I'm not missing it much. The new adventure has begun and it's always good to be present. Thanks for dropping by!!