Friday, December 12, 2008

At Least I'm Consistent

So today I was having a holiday lunch with colleagues in a downtown restaurant which is something of a courthouse hot spot. One of my lunch companions spotted an old friend of hers and remarked to me that there she was and didn't she look great. Now, I happen to know this woman too from a time when she was an adversary. In fact the last big case I had against her involved my representation of a remorseless, wind-up killer who had been employed by a very successful drug crew. I told my lunch mate that indeed I too knew Ms. Former Prosecutrix and we both agreed we should go over and say hi.

My co-luncher leaned into the booth first and Ms. Former Prosecutrix was just delighted to see her. They exchanged air kisses, remarking how long it had been since they'd seen each other. All of a sudden my former enemy saw me and just brightened like summer sunshine after a thundershower. "Advo", she exclaimed, "How are you? Oh my gosh when was the last time I saw you!!"

Now my once sworn nemesis turned to her lunch pal, a noted city official, and said, "You know, I'll just always love Advo. We were once before Judge Tactless who was berating me for taking this tough position. The judge said, 'You know, you'll never meet a man and get married if you continue to be so controlling ..."

"Can you imagine?", she said. "But without missing a beat, Advo said, 'But Judge, I like controlling women'."

At least I'm consistent.

So, come on you controlling women, hit me with your best shot!


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Ha ha ha! Sounds like you have no defense against this Prosecutrix! Perhaps if you confessed your secret desires to her she wouldn't make a federal case out of it? Who knows? She might even debrief you! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Have to love who you can bump into during lunch in NYC

advochasty said...


Perhaps a coerced confession?? I'd say yes to a "debriefing", which might lead to some invasive search and seizure. However, if the seizure became unreasonable I may forfeit my chance for pretrial release. Nah ... she's way straight and married. No federal prosecutors for me, baby.

lethrs -

New York City around the courts is like a little village for me. The polar opposite of the big anonymous city.

Aarkey said...

Not just consistent, but honest too ;)

advochasty said...

Ahhh ... honesty. The best policy! And after all, I am an ossifer of the court! :-P