Sunday, December 28, 2008

South Of The Border

It used to be when the urge struck I'd turn up the heat. Ten days of onanistic, on-my-honor chastity would put an edge on any interaction I'd have with any attractive woman - the cute barrista at Starbucks, the prosecutor with the tight skirts, that hot, middle-aged blonde on the downtown Lex. By the two week mark I'd just be wild for a session and I'd dial-a-domme. Self imposed chastity has a mind-altering capability for me, kinda like drinking did. It's not until fairly recently that I've realized that for me, chastity is a drug to used in moderation, sparingly and with another I trust. Though I never did acid, I need a chastity playmate, a denial partner.

For all the progress I've made this year in being out with my kink, I'm still pretty closeted and isolated. Its been a couple of months since I've played. Maybe it's that a couple of really attractive, kinky women are visiting New York and I'm going to dine with them. Oh jeez, maybe I'm just horny. There's something about the week between Christmas and New Year's that just makes me wanna get my freak on.

Timothy Findley uses the phrase "The Rain of Onan" in his novel Not Wanted on the Voyage (1984). He writes, "it was now that the rain, having lost its translucence and its mauveness, began to take on an opaque milky look, and Noah said that what had been an "evil" rain was now a 'passionate' rain being poured from the sky-spent and wasted on the dying earth and this he called 'The Rain of Onan.'" Now, I'm just not all that literary, just a Wiki cheat ... but the quote feels way hot nevertheless. And my earth is dyin' and I'm tired of praying to Onan!!

So here's one New Year's resolution. More real time kinky friends, more munches, a class, a conference, a fetish party ... maybe even a private play party. Wait ... did I say one resolution. Sounds like a pack of 'em. Let's just say I resolve to have more real fun.

And tonight, real fun would be a chastity playmate who loves the intense tease of semi-prolonged denial. A dominant woman who liked to play in a hot, hot kitchen with me. One who lives in the same town I do. One who wants to be friends.

Or maybe a T&D lapdance in a bar ... I like to think Vanessa has dabbed a little Icy Hot on the business end of a CB-3000 and Kurt is at the three week mark of combined on-his-honor and device enforced chastity. Whew ... it gets hot south of my border.


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

I'll be your friend. Your kinky friend in a cb-6000!

advochasty said...


Thanks, man! It's not even the New Year and I'm off to a great start. One of the visiting dommes I'm dining with asked if I was on chastity detail for "she-who-sometimes-visits-but-lives-far-away". She allowed as to how if I was she wouldn't mind me staying that way until we supped. So I've asked "she-who-visits" if I can be in on-my-honor chastity.

I've promised not to whine and only beg if given permission.

I'll keep you posted!

Happy New Year, my friend!

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

I don't really practice self imposed chastity per se but I have gotten to the point where my orgasms are centered completely around my Queen. I only allow myself to come during our kinky little rituals and never orgasm on my own anymore. Not because she forbids it. It just feels better to me. The longer I go between orgasms the deeper my feelings of devotion and submission to her become. It almost becomes a heightened state of awareness after a while. Then when I finally do orgasm it feels really amazing.

I would try chastity play with her but she has not expressed interest in controlling my orgasms so for now I am content with "stealth chastity"! ;-)

Happy New Year buddy! :-)



advochasty said...

Hmmm..."stealth chastity"...I like the term. Better pay-off than "stealth service" me thinks.

Still, the idea of dommy decider in control is just so hot to me. I loved that my Chicago domme friend who is visiting saw the blog piece and suggested if I was in chastity, she wouldn't mind me staying that way until we met for dinner. So polite and yet so hot!!

Happy New Year, man. All the best!!