Friday, June 19, 2009

Beautiful Menace

So I'm talking to my shrink. I share I really want to make progress on being more out with my kink. More friends, a connection, some play? She claims she's got an idea - so I'm game. She suggests I take my writing and do something with it in my own name. Join the inspiration of my pervy wordsmithing with something I pen for a public dawn.

What part of I want to play does she not get? Does she not understand that I'm wild for the nasty, dear, and intimate? But I humor her and think it over. I mention to my wife that I'm thinking about writing something and she becomes sneering skeptic. She just got a Kindle which she pours over all the time. Accuses me of never reading much of anything and where am I going to get the time to write anyway, she snorts derisively.

Wait a sec. I've been writing for a year. Regularly. Hey, maybe my shrink was onto something.

I decide for inspiration I'll read some short stories, so I grab a copy of some by Ernest Hemingway - a veritable role model for submissive men everywhere. I begin with "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber".

The story is about an American man in his thirties who, with his beautiful wife, goes big game hunting in Africa. Hemingway is the master of the sparce and direct. The story is about how the guy chickens out on a lion hunt. Me? I like my lions where I can admire them from afar - in the Bronx. Anyway, the great white hunter who serves as maitre 'd for endangered species murder is telling Francis about how the help needs discipline to keep them in line:

“What were you telling him?” Macomber asked.

“Nothing. Told him to look alive or I’d see he got about fifteen of the best.”

“What’s that? Lashes?”

“It’s quite illegal,” Wilson said. “You’re supposed to fine them.”

“Do you still have them whipped?”

“Oh, yes. They could raise a row if they chose to complain. But they don’t. They prefer it to the fines.”

“How strange!” said Macomber.

“Not strange, really,” Wilson said. “Which would you rather do? Take a good birching or lose your pay?”

Actually Papa, I prefer to part with my pay for a good birching!

I suppose I can find inspiration anywhere. Maybe I do have a beautiful, impassioned, kink-love story in me. Maybe I do...

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Her Majesty's Plaything said...

"Actually Papa, I prefer to part with my pay for a good birching!"

Ha ha ha! That's exactly what I was thinking when I got to the part about them preferring the lashes to the fines! LOL! Great minds think alike?

Advo my friend I think you have a great D/s romance novel in you. Judging by the amount of female followers you currently have I think you could probably write something that not only aroused us male subbies (heck we're easy!) but also aroused the sleeping dominant Goddess within many a female reader. If my hunch is correct you could do subbie kind a tremendous service by planting the seed of dominance in many a bashful blushing flower. So what are you waiting for? Get busy! ;-)

advochasty said...

I would very much like to meaningfully contribute to subbie-kind everywhere. Up with subbie-kind!

I get to pick who plays me in the movie though! ;)

Volond said...

"The movie"?? What about the Broadway adaptation of the book? Who'd play you there? Who is strong, yet sensitive, yet handsome...?

The video is excellent too! I always knew that that's exactly how "pro" sessions go!

advochasty said...

Maybe I should go for a serialization thing on a daytime soap? Or a cool indie flick with Parker Posey as the hip receptionist at a house.

Glad you liked the video. Dita is soooo Dita!! :-P

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Wow! Great video! Where did you find it????? !@#$%^&* awesome!!!! ;-P

As to who would play you in the movie the mind boggles. Brad Pitt? The Rock?

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Oh Yeah... I just had to say; "satin". Goes great with the video. Probably the best word verification yet! ;-)

advochasty said...

Got it on YouTube messing around with searching for another Agent Provocateur ad. I've always loved Dita. She has such a great retro-glam style.

Such a shame about her and Marilyn. Always thought they made a cute couple.

Aarkey said...

Write up brother. Write it up.


WTF does that mean? Is that some kind of Sorority? :P

advochasty said...


Phicats, phicats everywhere!!