Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Truth And Consequence

The truth is I'm just plain kinky. All kinds of specific kinky, but as Popeye is fond of saying, "I Yam What I Yam." Still, I sometimes wonder how I got here, perched on the precipice of a leap of faith so scary and uncertain that some days I'm either reduced to a rolled up little ball in the corner or a shuddering, sobbing mass of guilty regret. The truth is I'm kinky - but what are the consequences.

Friends and readers are excited for me. Lots of new adventure ahead. But thirty odd years ago when I had my first session with a pro domme, I never in a million years would have predicted where I am today. I suppose it's true about life in general. If we could chart a certain course it would be less nerve racking but a lot less exciting and adventuresome.

My solution for years, through three long term relationships - two marriages and a five year girlfriend - was to sneak out to pro dommes. It worked so well for such a long time. What changed? Why can't I just happily scrape together tribute and slip out for a heavenly night of tightly trussed fun?

The truth is I've changed. I've accepted my kinkiness in all it's infuriating beauty and frustrating splendor. The consequence is I just have to take this leap of faith. As painful and as scary as it is, it's all about free fall.

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Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

Let me once again take this opportunity to applaud your courage and offer you my unqualified support for your decision.

Each case is different. In the case of a marriage where one person is kinky and the other pure vanilla things can get pretty dicey.

I am not comfortable leading a double life. Although Her Majesty gave me grudging permission to see a pro I knew full well she didn't really approve so I hid my comings and goings from her. As far as I am concerned lying to your partner drives you apart. After awhile the relationship becomes an empty shell. In a case where a spouse is understanding, gives permission or can turn a blind eye seeing a pro to get your needs met can be a perfectly acceptable solution. But in a case where a wife is simply incapable of supporting your kink and holds it against you when you attempt to be honest with her about it? I would say there is not much hope for saving that situation. Sure you can live a life of secrecy and quiet desperation. A lot of guys do. But who needs it?

Just my humble opinion and my two cents bro. Love the Popeye reference! ;-)