Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Her ads in DDI and other bdsm publications of the time were striking. Tall, dark, and rail thin, her hips flared in the simple black corsets she seemed fond of wearing. Sometimes her thick black hair was down, wildly entwining her shoulders as she brandished a cane, almost saying, "Call me, and we'll see how much you can take." In other photos her hair was severerly tied back in a bun, completely hidden by her riding helmet. Instead of jodhpurs and a white shirt, she wore a skin tight, black body suit and real riding boots. I recall being facinated by how such a slender woman's hips burst so curvaceously from her waspy waist.

Her name was Ana Hunt.

Long before I called her and made an appointment for a little slice of heaven, I was riveted by her simple, challenging ads. She oozed sex and experience. I had just turned forty and she was, as she eventually told me, "my senior". After being every kind of lousy, unreliable, bothersome version of wanker/no show client known to domme-dom, I finally made an appointment on a cold November weeknight when I had been out of town all day and had a custom made excuse as to why I'd be late home.

She had a beautiful, private studio in a brownstone in Chelsea. It was dark and each room had wonderful wooden bookcases filled with leather, hard cover, volumes on any subject one might imagine. She had a slightly European, not of this country air to her. She was at once welcoming and menacing - inviting but simmeringly sadistic. I had taken to writing out an explanation of where I was and what I was looking for from my domme. I was often so overwhelmed by desire and nerves that I'd find it hard to articulate my ever-so-demandingly-client-centric wish list. I delivered my creative top her from the bottom entreaty on my knees as she watched me; an amused, barely tolerant, grin pursing her full, red painted lips. When I finished she sat silently.

"I understand you," she said softly. "You write very well."

"Here," she beckoned as she stood. I took her extended hand. "Let's start you out over here in the next room".

She led me from what felt like a wood paneled, library-living room, into a darkened bedroom. The bed, however, was a massive, antique, wooden bondage table. Four huge posts extended upward from each corner. The table was lusterously polished but appropriately worn from the struggles of those captured in Ana's thrall. The four vertical anchor points strained vainly toward the ceiling.

"Go on, sweetheart", she entreated me indulgently. "You know how to lie on your back for me, don't you?"

Like a memory that drifts unexpectedly into focus, I'll wonder every now and then what ever became of Ana Hunt, world class domina, gone now - never to come back.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

What a lovely memory! Thanks for sharing! What happened next? :-)

Note to self: Find way to download Advo's brain and view his memories on Windows Media Player! ;-)

advochasty said...


I saw Ana regularly for about three years. In retrospect she was true scene people and very old school. My guess is she was late 40's-ish when I began to see her. I think she ended her career in NYC at L'Oeil. I think she had friends in San Francisco.

Funny you should mention viewing memories on a brain scan version of Media Player as I feel I've forgotten many more of my sessioning moments than I recall. But Ana Hunt ... was truly special to me.

These days as I continue to shake off study mode, I recall one evening she told me she had a multiple choice question for me.

She sent me to the bathroom and told me to choose. When I got there, perched on the toilet tank was (a) a good sized butt plug; (b) an enema kit; (c) a rattan cane; (d) a nasty set of nipple clips.

I was speechless....


Ehem...well ya!!

Subdued said...

I remember Ana Hunt, but I don't remember those ads. I saw her once at the newly opened Nutcracker Suite, on Madison or Park, I believe. (The first of their three locations.) I remember wanting to see a red-haired mistress named Scarlet, who was in the fetish rags a lot at that time. The receptionist at Nutrcracker just looked at me and said, "She's way too heavy for you." I wound up seeing Ana. I don't remember a lot about it except for the end, when she wanted me to jerk off on a piece of bread and then eat it. That was kind of strange.

I love this post, though, and its flashbacks to an earlier era of NYC pro-domination. Hope more are to come.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hahaha! Now that is a multiple choice test I can relate to! I echo Subdued's sentimemt! Encore!

advochasty said...

Subdued -

I remember wanting to session with Scarlet the red head too! Never did. I recall seeing Ana profiled in a New York Mag piece about the original Nutcracker. As I recall, Nutcracker and the original Arena which quickly became Arena/Blaze for Sonja Blaze were among the first houses.

Who was the domme upon whose body Hillary Clinton's face was famously pasted? She was also original Nutcracker I recall.

I suppose one man's strange is another's gormet delight.

I'll have the come on bread, thanks very much! ;-)

After my post about "Carol" I thought I'd occasionally do a "back in the day" retro-piece. Client back in the day. And not that I'm any big authority either.

But I have had me a few sessions...


I like the idea of predicament multiple choice as well. Choice among movements creates pain no matter which answer is picked; but the predicament requires a pick.

Okay, by acclamation I'll do the occasional "Advo Remembers" post. This is if I can remember more than a couple more. ;-)

Actually, the more I think, the more I remember.

Subdued said...

Hi Advo,

The domme whose body the Hilary Clinton face was super'd on was Vena. Funny what the brain remembers. I never saw her.

I think Arena/Blaze, Nutcracker and Pandora's were the first high-end large houses in New York. Angel Stern's was always kind of a boutique and stood above the others I remember -- Belle de Jours and Leather Ladies, The Castle, The Tower, and then some places that mixed straight with s/m.

Glad we have spurred you to do more walks down memory lane!

advochasty said...

Subdued -

Ya!! Vena!!! Wow! After she left Nutcracker, I did a very nice one off session with her in a space she had with another domme near the Metropolitan Museum. Another little vignette for the upcoming series!!


Yes, Angel's was much more intimate and boutiquey. I never sessioned at Pandora's or Nutcracker. I was weirdly paranoid about houses. Sometimes I couldn't resist the pull of a particular domme though.

I told someone that I had once sessioned with the original Mistress Raven who, at least to the outside world, opened Pandora's. (there's always a disappointing back story involving a male owner) It was at a gated apartment complex across the river in New Jersey.

The person I told laughed at me and asked how many Mistress Ravens did I think existed.

I swear, like the Original Ray's slice pizza, this was the Original Raven!!

Subdued said...

If you thought you sessioned with the original Raven you probably did. She was distinctive (if you have any doubt, check out the doc "Fetishes" on Hulu right now -- she's interviewed throughout). It's funny, I was always a little paranoid about houses too, but I was also always too compulsive about sessioning on short notice to see independents. Most of the houses were discreet, but I was always on pins and needles going to the first Pandora's. It was a busy building in Chelsea -- a neighborhood where I know lots of people. Only one elevator that opened directly into the space. I didn't session there that much, but when I did I was always worried someone I know would get into the elevator with me.

advochasty said...

Hey Subdued -

Thank you so much for the Hulu suggestion!

Yep. Definitely it was Raven. And I saw Delilah, and Catherine as well. Gawd, I was such a whore!

I only ever took the "tour" at Pandora's, soon after it opened as I recall. I saw Raven, Delilah, and Catherine in other venues which were simpler and more independant.

I loved the planning and anticipation.

I get such a wonderful rush from the waiting.

I remember desperately wanting to see Anastsia, but never being able to work it out.

Deliah once said she saw me as a "sissy" or a "baby". Hmmmm....

Such I fine trip down memory lane. Thanks so much.'s a school night. Time for bed.

I'll save the last hour for another day.

So cool. Never saw the documentary before. Thanks again!!

Miss Troy Orleans said...

I never met Ana Hunt and had no idea she was even in NYC. But what I do know about her is that she used to run these great, full page ads in DDI that just had a picture of a booted leg on a stool and a hand holding an envelope addressed to Ms Ana Hunt with her P.O. box address.

I loved that ad for its mystery and seduction and would always think of it when imfirst started out and was struggling with my choice not to show my face. My Twitter avatar, believe it or not, was inspired by that Ana Hunt ad.

Thanks for sharing that story.

advochasty said...


I sometimes go back and re-read my blog. I'll have to remember to thank you for dropping by and I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

Ana was hot...