Saturday, August 14, 2010

Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

So I've decided that among the strategies I shall employ to meet people in "The Scene" is a sensibly placed and meticulously screened Craiglist ad. Inspired by a chat with a friend, here's the text. You can find it in Manhattan - Strictly Platonic
Are you a dominant woman? Do you enjoy fine dining and worthy conversation? I offer an evening of smart chat and good food. I promise only one thing – I’ll pick up the tab for the two of us. I’ve separated from my wife, moved to the Far West Village, and want to explore "The Scene" in real time.

I own an expanding business, am fifty-seven years old, and I’m in great shape - usually. I’m an experienced submissive looking for friendship - mostly.

I write an award-winning kinky blog and I’ll give you the link to check me out before you agree to meet me.

Whether you lifestyle or drive a toll road, dinner is on me. What’s to lose? And the rest, as they say in NOLA, is lagniappe.

Okay, okay. I promise to be careful and watch out for crazies. But it could be fun, no?

Here's the link: Eat Out On Advo!


Subdued said...

Very nicely written. I trust you will keep us in the loop on what kind of responses you get?

advochasty said...

Thanks! It will be very interesting to see responses.

I'm planning a little follow-up questionaire. I always loved a domme with a good questionaire form.

I'll keep ya posted, for sure!

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Very classy and discrete! Happy hunting Mon Ami! ;-)

Word verification=ovedu as in Advo is ovedu for a night of subbie romance with an intriguing and beautiful domina! :-)

advochasty said...

Ovedu is right! So far one response! One response!

It deserves its own blog post really, but it was from one "Cindy Rella"

I was excited!!

Is that Italian, I thought??

Not getting the clue of her return email as "glazzslipper@" I googled her because I hear that's what one does these days before a date.

Ha! I'm offering smart chat. Pulleeze!!!

Ms Rella asked for my blog address and what business I was in that I was expanding. Of course I wrote a very nice response and haven't heard back.

I'm actually going to go to the early showing of "Eye On Kink" tomorrow night which is billed as an artsy collaboration including "Clips4Sale", hot fetish models, and various beautiful dommes.

Maybe "Ms Rella" will be there! ;-)

Now that'll be a blog post!

Aarkey said...

Sounds good to me, not that I'm the market you are seeking.

Personally, I'd throw something in about free cookies. Everyone loves free cookies. :)

Good luck!

advochasty said...

Aarkey --

Free cookies! Definitely next ad. I'm sure I'll get an overwhelming response to that offer. It will surge past the massive two, count them two, responses that I received on this one.

But I'm batting .500 because I've got a dinner date lined-up for early next week!!