Monday, September 27, 2010

Red Soles

She and I and her friend walked down the block towards Hudson Street in search of breakfast at sunset. Her attention was drawn to the shoe boutique window that was a major selling point in support of my move to the new neighborhood. The store changes its display regularly. The window that drew her attention held two shoes; a sneaker-look shoe in a red, white, and blue sequins and a skyhigh pump in the same design.

It pleased me immensely that the sneaker seemed to hold no interest.

She caught up with us.

"Great shoes!", she enthused with a soul satifying blurt.

"You know the store, right?", I asked.

With her blank look I explained it was the Louboutin boutique. This sent her scurrying back to the window with me thinking, "She doubts a shoe perv?"

She came strolling back with a big smile and allowed as to how I was absolutely right, explaining to her girlfriend that Christian's delights were the absolute it shoe, always identifiable by the fire engine red sole on the bottom.

Huh, ya learn something everyday. I've been walking by that window every day for almost two months and never noticed each hot and heavenly pair sported bright red soles.

Made me want to lick my tongue that very shade.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

I only recently discovered that Louboutin soles are red. It was quite the revelation. In fact I think I let out a sole satisfying blurt! ;-)

advochasty said...

Yeah right? It was totally hot she knew that about the shoes. Then I told Mme. Veronica aka "Kingpin" the story over cigars at a place in the new 'hood and it was like I was the last person on the planet to know that the bottoms of the shoes are red.

So hot!!

Aarkey said...

You two never noticed the soles of the shoe?!? My goodness men!!! And I'm not the real shoe guy either!

I always loved the bright red "look at me you little toy" soles. I mean... wow! You never noticed? Wow.

I thought it was one of those "goes without saying" things.

Another plus, when you notice how often the shoes are worn b/c she's wearing through the red. See the part about Jennifer Love's shoes on this blog entry

advochasty said...

Well excuuuuuuse me!! ;-)

Now he's Mr. Fancy Schmancy citing himself as authority on the hotness of worn through CL red bottoms.

The wearing through is OMG hot!!

And on Jennifer Love Hewitt's foot no less!!

Her Majesty's Plaything said...


I may not be a knowledgeable fetishist but I have a lot of sole! ;-)

advochasty said...

Jeez...I feel like such a heel not knowing about the hot red bottoms.

Hmmm..."The Hot Red Bottoms" alt rockers?

Aarkey said...

Advo: And that's two snaps in a circle for you! Biatch!!!

HMP: Punny!

I swear, this is my word: subles

advochasty said...

How suble of you!

Jeffrey said...


I'm stunned. You never noticed the signature bottom of the shoes? It's his trademark!!

He stumbled upon the idea while working on a prototype - he used an employee's red nail polish to coat the bottom.

And a legend was born.

Oh, and those double cat collar killers that JLH is wearing? Oh dear lord. (Many more photos of the young lively in said skyscrapers to be found here:

advochasty said...


Ref throws yellow flag. 15 yard penalty for piling on. At least I'm not some poseur, faker. I dunno, I admit that I don't know. Plus, I got to write her and confess she broke the cherry on my red sole virginess. Though I think my efforts at flirting are falling far from the mark.

It was great meeting you the other night and I was sorry we didn't get more time to hang. There will be other oppurtunities, I'm sure.