Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vanilla Visitation?

She-Who-Visits arrives today in the Sunshine State and we are heading for her favorite shelling spot in all the world. As Earl stormily stomps its way up the eastern seaboard, the coast is clear Gulf-Side. I'm excited. To say the least.

However, She has allowed as to how this is going to be a "vanilla" weekend. Ahh...yeah. Whose vanilla weekend? She's already given me a list of stores to line-up and Google Map for our trip south to her shrimp-shaped atoll. She knows I love to search and organize for her. Just following her around J.C. Penny is deeply devotional for me. So while we may not play and she may simply ignore how horribly horny I'm feeling, such disregard will kindle and inflame my kinky soul. So as someone recently said, it's a "Win-win".

While she's a woman of her word, there's a glint of quixotic, hopeful, glee in my squinty little subbie eye that She will relent.

Even if she sticks to her guns and never once intentionally sends me to sub-space heaven with just a glance - it will be deeply reassuring during a time of such turmoil in my life to see one of my dearest friends in all the world after a ten month absence.

Yo, Peaches! Just call me Herb!


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Have a wonderful time my friend! How about vanilla with chocolate sprinkles! ;-)

Following her around J.C. Pennys puts you in a devotional state and I'm a sap? :-)

advochasty said...


Coupla die hard romantics, yo!