Saturday, April 23, 2011

And Now...A Word From Our Sponsor

The kind folks at EdenFantasys have asked me to review sex toys here on "Client Nine" occassionally. They stumbled on my scrawlings and made the offer. In return for a review with some links, I get to keep the toy! Is this a trick?

The site seems decent, if not specifically bdsm high end. But there certainly seems to be enough interesting stuff to keep me busy for awhile. Who knows, maybe I can even suggest acquisitions. Something in a nice Birdlocked perhaps? In addition, the gig brings a certain inspriation to find a dommy girl to play with. That way I could actually have some experience with the toy rather than say using a dildo as a retriever dummy for my dog.

Anyway, I've decided to whore myself to crass commercialism in order to acquire a few functional gizmos to enhance all those hot kinky sex liasons I've been having. Hopefully, I won't have to rent extra storage space in my building before I find someone to kick the tires with.

Despite my completely impulsive and precipitous decision to just go for it, I have put up the first "Client Nine" poll. Please weigh in on my move to become the Siskell and Ebert of sex toys.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

What the hell bro? I always knew you were a slut. So am I for gosh sake! Go ahead and let your freak flag fly! Can't wait to read your reviews of all those naughty toys! ;-)

advochasty said...


Well I knew what you'd say! Should be fun. I think the first one is here. Got an email I have a UPS package at the front desk.

I'm getting a toy box!!

MVX said...

Talk to Axe...Eden Fantasys has been sponsoring the Masocast for a while.

Also skim this post by May May about his experiences with Eden Fantasys:

Good luck!

advochasty said...

V -

Thanks. Started to read May May and I'm really not so sure I get it. Hmmm...interesting. Who needs R&D when you've got my back? :-)

Aarkey said...

Hey, have fun with it. As long as you reserve your right to review things honestly. Keep in mind of course, if you stick something in your butt it's not really fair to complain about how it tastes like shit.


advochasty said...

Aarkey -

Oh tastes like honey and spice and everything nice.

I intend to be honest and not sugar coat stuff. They don't have a huge bdsm related offering, but if I do one a month or so I can keep going for awhile.

First up? A metal cock ring. I should have measured. I think I get to brag I'm too big although I haven't tried really stuffing it in yet.