Sunday, March 18, 2012


Miss Margo said...

I don't know this singer, but it's a really good song and she has a fantastic voice. Thanks for this!

I post videos on my blog, too, and I have no idea whether anyone actually watches them. My 8 readers flock straight to the sexy stuff, and apparently that's not Shakespeare's Richard III. So I thought that since I watched this video of yours and enjoyed it, I would let you know.

You have a really nice blog!


advochasty said...

Thanks Margo,

I love finding hidden gem comments in my music. I mostly do the music for me. I listen alot and with iPhone/Pod surgically implanted in my ears; I have a soundtrack of life.

So I do blog soundtrack.

I actually heard the song while watching "Smash" on t.v.

I love that show! Does that make me gay? Maybe a bit ...

Miss Margo said...

LMFAO...I have no idea whether you are even a bit gay, but if you are, that's awesome. Every domme in town will tell you that the het guys who are the most fun are a 1 or 2 on the Kinsey Scale. At least the ones I know (both dommes and het guys).

Re: music...I need to branch out. I've been listening to the same stuff for years. Classical at home (lots of Beethoven and Bach and Verdi in particular), cock-rock Heavy Metal pumping iron at the gym, Joe Henry or jazz when I have a dude over. I mean, how much Metallica and Rammstein can one girl stand? (I see you wincing in embarrassment for me! Knock it off!)

What're you listening to these days?

I'll ask over tacos.

advochasty said...

Well I'll proudly claim my bit of gayness then!!

Lesseee, what am I listening to:

Recently added on my iPhone are Green Day, The Killers, Airborne Toxic Event, The Veils, The Generationals, Charles Bradley,Breakbot, The Bandana Splits, Dionne Bromfield, Lower Dens, Death Cab for Cutie, Adele, Broken Bells, and the 22-20s

I have Shazam on my iPhone so I hear it, I want it, I get it.

If only finding Mistress Right was like Shazam!!

We'll chat more over tacos...