Sunday, July 13, 2008

Freak Show

Yesterday, I took a trip to Coney Island with my new friend Mistress Crimson. We rode the B&D train from Soho where she was shopping at AP for retro bras. She let me carry her packages. I had been appointed to reconnoiter the outing as at an earlier dinner she was bereft that the Freak Show had disbanded. But in true urban scout fashion, I discovered the city had granted a one year reprieve from whatever the new plan is to raze all that gorgeous grit of a carnival-by-the-sea. So we made a date. Just getting there was delicious as I have this thing for trains, see.

We smelled the sea breezes, walked on the hot summer boardwalk, ate corn from Nathan's (which totally sucked - not what it used to be), munched pink cotton candy and she watched me, appalled, as I slurped a dozen cherrystones with hot sauce, lemon and horseradish. (everything I hoped it would be) We rode the Wonder Wheel on a stationary car; I clutched the cage as I suffer a touch of vertigo. I think she really liked seeing my hand grip the antique, cross hatched metal in real fear.

We talked all afternoon. I loved it. Out with a domme in the light of day. She said she liked being outdoors. Then we went to the Freak Show.

The MC, Dony Vomit, was a very hot, young, slender guy in a pair of brown, tan and orange stripped suit pants, matching waist coat and snakeskin boots. He sported a bowler hat and a handle bar moustache with curly cue ends. His head was shaved. He gave virtuoso carny patter.

He drove a nail into his nose with a hammer he swung while leering perfectly at us gawkers in the gallery. He brandished a power drill which he screwed deeply into that very same nasal cavity. He recited a poem he'd composed about a mouse trap and ended by triggering the trap on his tongue. We both clapped wildly at his skill and effervescent showmanship. He was big fun!

My other fave was Angelica , aka Insectivora, the fire eater. Her hair was a dreadlock tangle. Blue tatoos marked the right side of her beautiful, sweet face and cascaded down her body. She was dressed like a fire swept mermaid. She worked three kerosine torches and alternately swallowed their flame and lit them again with her fingers. She threw her head back with abandon and a hot tongue blazed from her full lips. I was in love.

As we left I said goodbye to this wonderful relic. It will be gone for good come September to be replaced by some santitized echo of Luna and Steeplechase Parks. I have a thing for old amusement parks, trains, clams and a boardwalk by the sea. And ... I have a thing for my new friend Crimson. We're friends. I'm that half step better with her.

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