Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Sweet Song

Just a quickie. One Sweet Song is a music blog I stumbled on this morning. Bitchy Jones to the Bloggies to well whaddaya know they have best music bloggie awards wow I need a steady stream of music, cool music for Client Nine, let's see, cool - One Sweet Song - no ... she gives away a song a day just for reading?? Now that's whacha call tight! Ms. Gina Pensiero of the band Palmyra writes the blog.

I am kink blogger. I am music blogger. I say - Vote for Gina for The Best Weblog About Music Bloggie!!! What totally sold me was she'd never really heard Joe Jackson much. Had to ask her step-mom about him. Now here's a girl I can count on for cool new music. Thanks, Gina. Hey, now votes from perverts are votes, right. Look, if you're offended, I promise I'll take this down. But something tells me if you're willing to have Debbie Harry's baby, you're cool with votes from the bdsm set.

Gina says her blog is a never ending mix tape of her life. Ya bring tears to my eyes, girl. Tears I tell ya! But it's different for girls isn't it?


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hey Advo:

I'm a kink blogger and a music blogger too! I swear you and I were separated at birth! ;-)

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out! Too bad I can't stream music at work. Look Ma! No bandwidth! :-O!!!



advochasty said...

You know, that separated at birth/parallel lives thing weird. I read you met D at an exclusive prep school in NYC. I went to one of those in Philly. No D unfortunately, but a lasting thing for miniskirted school uniformy dommy-ness.

I think Gina's site is really cool. Very eclectic and informative as well as super fun. I emailed her to make sure she was cool with perverts voting for and she said she was totally flattered. Her band plays around in Williamsburg so maybe I'll check 'em out. I mean I could pass as a gracefully aging rocker or music mogul, no?

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

"I mean I could pass as a gracefully aging rocker or music mogul, no?"

Absolutely! :-)