Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year's Fun - Part II

Didja catch the foot service scene in the Stones "Saint of Me" clip I put in last week's post? I thought it was ha-ha-ha-hawt!!

So ... fun with Crimson! You may recall that just before the holidays I was whining that I wanted playtime! I whimpered;

And tonight, real fun would be a chastity playmate who loves the intense tease of semi-prolonged denial. A dominant woman who liked to play in a hot, hot kitchen with me. One who lives in the same town I do. One who wants to be friends.
So Crimson, who leads a busy, active and fascinating life in Chicago, reads this and takes pity on me. We became friends when she was here in Manhattan last summer. Before she arrived and by a complete coincidence, I had helped a domme at the suggestion of another without knowing who I was helping. We did it that way to protect identities. Then, through interactions on The Hang, Crimson and I (we'd become acquainted on message threads) discovered that it was her I had helped, or at least tried to help.

Based on this bit of kismet we decided to meet for dinner. From a list I provided, she chose a Kosher vegan joint in Chelsea. She's a dedicated vegetarian and actually quite picky and particular about her diet. In addition, I had learned by reading her back posts that she had a special fondness for Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. Of course, I brought her some. At dessert, we got busted for cupcake scarfing in violation of ancient dairy laws. Such gangstas! We've been fast friends ever since this daring brush with the law.

And so, as Crimson planned her trip to New York for first week of January '09, she read my kvetchy post and said:

You aren't on chastity detail with [she-who-lives-far-away-but-sometimes-visits] currently are you? Cause if you are, and want to stay that way until at least Thursday, that would be ok with me......

Gotta love the laugh, huh? Truth be told, I was not on chastity detail with "She-Who-Visits" and Crimson's letter made me wonder just why I wasn't. Not to be deterred, I figured, "What's the harm in an innocent little request?". Consequently and with sincere ardor, I wrote "She-Who-Visits" and confessed Crimson's musings. Brazenly, I proposed the following:

So ... I'm checking with you to see if you'd consider putting me in on-my-honor chastity. I promise not be be needy and whiny and will only beg for your permission to cum if you tell me it's ok to beg you. Otherwise, my orgasm is yours to control. I recognize this in itself is a high maintenance type request as the hornier I get the more I'll want to talk to you about it. I totally understand if you don't want to do it, especially starting a new job and all. As your devoted, personal submissive who loves and adores you, I promise to try to be as low maintenance as I can. Please .... pretty pleeeeeeeze!!
Her answer, which shows why I love her so, was;

Okay. No jerking off until she gets to town. If she would like to give you permission to get off and directions of how you are to do it - perfect. If she does not give it, wait until after she leaves, catch me by phone and ask me when you can do it.
Crimson's thought after I told her of my newly chaste state:

Excellent! I love dining with boys who are suffering a bit.
And thus it came to pass that for a heavenly ten days, I was in on-my-honor chastity, beholden to both "She-Who-Visits" and Crimson. Ms. C sent very hot pictures of herself, "Backstabber" by the Dresden Dolls for mood, and plenty of suggestive little comments in our email exchanges.

Finally, we met for breakfast at Brasserie. We chatted about what she was doing, her dreams, hopes and plans. But every now and then she'd make a little comment like, "I hope it hasn't been too difficult" ... or "It's been a little torturous, hasn't it?" As our all too short time together was ending she asked if I had my briefcase with me. I had checked it so she just handed over the pair of pink stockings with the black Cuban heels, black back seam and black lasts. With it she gave me a folded piece of paper with "instructions". "Give me a little power and I take it!", she leered.
We hugged goodbye outside the restaurant and on the subway platform, waiting for the downtown Lex I greedily read:

Congratulations on completing your assignment. I hope it was at least slightly torturous. You can release today, but there are two caveats: you have to masturbate with one of these in your mouth and the other in your hand, rubbing your cock, and it has to be before 10pm. Enjoy!
C I see why she said so sweetly, "Have a nice day at work, Advo." Luckily, I was spared doing the deed in the in-suite bathroom at the office! With the wife away, I had at myself with abandon in the privacy of my own apartment, thank you very much!

There were these amazing runners in the feet of the stockings, they were stretched out in all the right places and the aroma of her perfume was utterly intoxicating! It's amazing what you can tie up with the foot and ankle portion of a nice nylon and still have plenty left over for rubbing!

I duly reported my performance to both Ms. C and "She". Even though there were no dungeon doors, fetish fashions, or squirreled away tributes - this was one of the sexiest and hottest things I've ever done. Directed by dommes, both of whom are my dear friends.

"so don’t tell me what to write
and don’t tell me that I’m wrong……
and don’t tell me not to reference my songs within my songs"
-- Dresden Dolls - "Backstabber"

Do ya think Ms. C and "She" - Missed Me? Come on ... what can I say? I just couldn't find them doing "Pretty In Pink"!


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

*Whew*! That was almost hot enough to make me forget about this sub zero January weather we've been having! :-P It must have been very compelling to put your orgasm under the capricious control of two such devious and delicious dominant divas!! Lovely pink stockings too! I have never seen a pair quite like that! Thanks for sharing! ;-)



advochasty said...

Yeah, I'm a black stockings kinda guy, but I gotta say that Ms. C gave me a whole new appreciation for pink! Besides, they had black highlights!

Whizzer said...


Great times. I, too, love chastity play. Never get enough of it or get to do it enough.

I had the pleasure of "meeting" Mistress Crimson during her recent visit - under some rather unusual, but very fun, circumstances. She is quite special.

Glad to see things are going well for you. Keep it up - so to speak!!!

All the best.


advochasty said...


Hmmmm ... I'm recalling a part of our breakfast chat in which she talked about a certain someone being late and her having to "pinch hit", shall we say. I wonder ...

I think Crimson is incredible.

Whizzer said...


Hey, whatever happened to, "Never kiss and tell!"? OMG, she just used me. I feel so terrible. I hope she calls me!!


Aarkey said...

A very hot story. It's great to have friends. :)

advochasty said...


It is you that kissed feet and told buddy. Ya totally gave it away! I'da had no clue if you hadn't given it up.


The whole thing was way hot. Great friends are ... well ... just great!