Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

That's what Crimson and I had for breakfast yesterday and today during her visit to New York. She also patiently tolerated me as I ate some awfully tasty dead, smoked pig and drank coffee. I was going to serve as chauffeur for her run this morning to the airport but had to bag out because I'm super busy with work. Not to be a deadbeat, I arranged alternate transportation for her.

I can't linger over this post as I often do, but I wanted to write that talking to her is always so much fun. And so important for me. Despite a hefty age difference and experience gulf, we have this really great connection. I'm always so happy when I get to see her.

And dudes, she promises a final rebuttal to our point counter point on my last post about my feelings on "clientness". I begged her to just have at me over our eggs, but she smiled wickedly and said she'd "save it for the internet". And...she said she was going to deal with all my little cronies too. The ones who support me and urge me on. I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

Anyway, she and I talked about all kinds of stuff. Lines always blur with her as she just has this wonderfully progressive way of looking at gender roles and relationships. Like yeah for Jane, who's sportin' a chain or hey for Dick in his skirt. Safe home Crimson, safe home.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hey Advo:

Like you I very much enjoy conversing with Prodommes about D/s, the domination biz, male /female relationships and just about everything else under the sun. I find they often have a fascinating perspective and an extremely unique point of view about things. In fact I just posted a quote by a mutual friend ours on my blog. I wonder if you can guess who she is? ;-)

I'm also looking forward to reading Mistress Crimson's final reply to your "Is Client A Dirty Word?" thread. It sounds like you and she have a very nice connection going. Do you think she's gonna put us in our place? Mmmmm.. Can't wait! ;-)

BTW did you know that "Androgynous" was written by Paul Westerberg? He was the lead singer/songwriter for The Replacements, one of my favorite alt rock bands from the 80s! :-)



advochasty said...

Jeez, I was trying very hard to get put in my place over breakfast and she was havin' none of it. Making me wait. Oh...wait...I like waiting!!

Isn't that Paul at the end of the video doing the thumb thing with Joanie?

I actually did not know the Replacements but I'm going sample their stuff. Crimson likes mix tapes so I asked her what she was listening to. She said indie alt rock and old soul. Though I did better with the old soul, she was impressed I'd included Arcade Fire and Arctic Monkeys. I confessed to using Sirius and i-Tunes.

BTW Robyn Hitchcock has become a fave on my iPod.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

That is a *very* nice version of "Androgynous"! Joan did a really nice job! Not surprising really. One of my favorite artists covering one of my favorite songwriters of all time. How could you go wrong? And Joan still looks grrrrrrrreat doesn't she??? :-p. But that's not Paul Westerberg in the video...unfortunately.

I am really really glad you like Robyn Hitchcock so much! :-) He is (as you know) one of my all time favorites. He will be playing Philly with the Venus3 in April but I will be in Cozumel Mexico when he's here! Oh well. Next time. He will be at Irving Plaza in NYC during April as well in case you want to go see him. I am sure it will be a great show! Hey why don't you buy two tickets and invite Mistress Crimson? ;-)



advochasty said...

Yeah, I figured out after it wasn't Paul Westerberg. Would have been a very sweet touch though.

I owe Crimson a night on the town. She invited me to a burlesque performance but I had a last minute emergency and had to cancel. Her teacher was performing. :-P Boy did I miss out!!

Mistress Crimson said...

Lucky for you, Tori Amos is launching a world tour in July. I plan on attending her New York shows. Maybe you should join her fan club so that we can be sure to get the best seats? I haven't sat further back than 8th row in years....

advochasty said...

Hmmm...there was was that T-shirt, no? Indeed, I know her website quite well. And she performs on my blog here, doing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

It's a date!