Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sprung Spring

There's nothing like a beautiful, warm, sunny, April day to unleash my submissive side. I want a spring fling! From the very ends of my fingers to the tips of my toes I long to gaze stupidly into the gorgeous eyes of a dominant woman who thinks I'm cute and follow her everywhere, doing her bidding. This April day finds me still married, still living at home, and still enmeshed in the puzzle of how to sort out my life. So what am I to do with all this seasonal ardor?

No single domme in her right mind would get too close to me. I'm unavailable to be a boyfriend and worse yet, I'm in transition. It's completely unfair to invite a woman on a train trip which could end in a massive, tumultuous wreck. But does that stop me from fantasizing? No way, dude. I'm a guy and it's spring! So other than spring, what brings this on?

One of my favorite flirt friends of all time is leaving New York this weekend for good. That is if she can stand life west of the Hudson River. She of the Mah Wah Kiss is leaving me. She's the one that when I confessed my proclivities said, "You mean whips and chains?". While that really took some of the wind out of my kink-dreamer sails, more than anything she was a symbol. She's the woman who thinks I'm smart, sexy, and desireable. We are not entangled in each other's lives in any major way, but knowing her over these past years has really helped me own myself and my kink as pleasing and attractive. I will miss her alot.

So who am I going to meet for coffee, lunch, and dinner and flirt madly with?

Another woman friend may have the answer for me. She has also been one of my "crush girls". She's married now and very happy. She's also kinky. What particular brand, I'm not sure, but one Halloween when she was single she told me her costume was a nun's outfit over a corset, stockings, and stilletos. I mean, that's a whole sub-genre of role play on its own!! She tried to get her then boyfriend to wear a priest's collar and a raincoat with a diaper underneath. He was having none of it. I offered to reprise the role the following year. She just laughed. Suffice it to say she's knowledgeable and way kink friendly if not flat out dommy.

Anyway, this woman and I occasionally work together and I just came out and asked if she had any kinky women friends who might like to have dinner with me and flirt. She said she could probably hook me up!! Despite the seasonal juices flowing, I still think flirt friends are more important to me right now than hard core play or sessioning. One day I'm sure The Hunger, as my friend HMP defines the need to play, will return. But for now, a new flirt friend would be just the thing.

Who knows, maybe I'll see her on Mercer Street, getting on a motor bike, looking rather ladylike...


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

Ah yes! Spring! When a young subs fancy turns to thoughts of welts, flogging and sky high stiletto heels! :-) Your ode to spring really touched my heart! I'm sorry to hear your Mah Wah Kiss girl is leaving town. I'll flirt with you buddy! :-) Weeellll...I'll meet you for coffee anyway! ;-)

I know just what you mean. These seasonal urges have really been stoking my juices as well! I'm also hungry for romance and worship. Not to mention a good old fashioned thrashing! I'm thirsty too..... :-P

I love the story about your married friend. Why are the kinky ones always married to the straight vanilla fuddy duds? I had a friend like that once. She was totally wild. Her boyfriend was the nicest guy in the word but very straight sexually speaking. She owned a pair of black leather, thigh high, stiletto heeled platform boots that used to drive me nuts! Once over a joint of extremely tasty Thai weed she confessed to me that she really wanted to tie him up but she knew it would freak him out to lose control like that. I wanted to switch places with him sooooooo bad!!!

Good luck with your quest for romance my friend. Like I said you have four female followers to this blog already. I think it's only a matter of time! ;-)



advochasty said...

Ahhh...romance and worship. What a wonderful combination. A nice thrashing, a sound sounding, three weeks of on-my-honor chastity. The day dreams of a not-so-young subbie.

Thanks for the encouraging words on my quixotic quest for kinky romance.

My married friend is hot! I had a serious crush on her for a long time. I heard all about her dating adventures and was very happy for her when she found her husband. It's her second marriage.

Now that I've confessed to her how my marriage is in trouble in large measure because I'm not "cured" of kink, we've become that much closer. I felt like an excited teenager when she said she thought she could hook me up on a kink date. Or flirt night ... or whatever I'm gonna call it.

I felt hope. It felt good.