Friday, January 1, 2010

Out With The Old

I always feel like the air is fresher, the sun a bit brighter, and a clean slate beckons on New Year's Day. While 2009 had its challenges it was just an incredibly positive year in so many ways. For me, the year importantly marked a more comfortable merging of my kink life with my day to day. I look forward to that continuing in 2010.

For now, I content myself that even my ascetic, self-imposed course of study for the Florida bar brings with it the occassional snippet of bdsm. Picture me at 5:45am or at 10:30pm hunched over my iPod touch, as I listen to the recorded lecture by a law professor about a subject of law I forgot twenty years ago. As I desperately try to push and prod my fifty-six year old brain to develop a memory again, I am pleasantly surprised by the sporadic kinky reference - or is it just me?

For example, in Constitutional Law there's the requirement that a dispute must be "ripe" for resolution. That is stuff must have actually happened to have a court look at it. The example was of a woman who wanted to go to court to have a law declared unconstitutional because it allowed guys to be caned for oogling women. No guy had ever been caned under the law. Case wasn't "ripe for review".

But puleeze! The chick clearly was not a domme and all I wanted to know was did the jurisdiction where you get caned for oogling women have reciprocity with New York so I won't have to study for the bar a third time when I move there.

I have both kinky and vanilla friends who tell me I'm extraordinarily masochistic for putting myself through bar exam torture. But like the caning example, it's my kink working hand in hand with my broader and wider life to inform, inspire, and drive it in a positive way.

Gotta tell ya though, all this work makes me wanna bust out and do a little freaky some'em-some'em. Ah well, perhaps in March...


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

It was indeed a momentous year for you. Lots of changes. All positive I think. I totally support you in your decisions. Think of me as a one man middle aged cheer leading squad without the short skirt or the pom poms! ;-)

I also take exams. Just got my Project Manager exam behind me last spring. Yes it gives the old cranium a work out and it is somewhat masochistic but I look at it as besting a personal challenge. I love passing those darn things and knowing they didn't get the better of me! Beyond that they are also important in a career sense of course. Otherwise who would put themselves through the bloody torture? I would much prefer a nice caning and a scrummy pair of nipple clamps thank you very much! :-p

What I want to know is does the defendant get caned by the woman he was oogling?? :-p

advochasty said...

When I really strip it all down it's just the recessionary finances that are so bloody awful.

The study stuff has been a true "cranium workout". My shrink says I'm her hero on this front. Good to keep the brain muscle in shape!

I think the defendant should get caned by the woman for looking and for not looking. A win win!

Whizzer said...


Yes, yes. Quite the year. The economy does suck, but guys our age have been through this before - more than once! We'll come out the other side. Battered. Bruised. And maybe just a tad smarter.

Good luck with the studying. I took a quick look at the State requirements where I might end up. Yikes! I can't imagine. Plus, they require applicants to be of "good moral character". How will I ever pass that test???

You have had quite the year. Lots of turmoil, but you've had such great adventures! I really do admire your willingness to put it all on the line.

Let's hope for a better 2010. And if not, at least we have our health. That way we can suffer more. And isn't that what we love!

Nothing like a holiday weekend in the office. Cigar. Scotch. Put the files aside. And spend a little time contemplating the past. And all the pleasures yet to come.

Now, can you explain the Rule in Shelly's case? And I don't mean Mistress Shelly! Hmm, good name for a domme.

Be well, my friend.

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Here's to more of your candid and clever blogging in 2010! I'll be reading, with pleasure.
Wishing you the best in the new year,

Aarkey said...

Busy beaver ain't ya? :)

And I'm confused... are they trying to encourage oogling or discourage it?

WTF is jumbrob?

advochasty said...

Whizzer -

Revisiting the Rule Against Perpetuities is the bomb!

Thanks for the encouraging words. It has been an adventure, with more to come. I say bring it!

V -

Thanks for dropping by with a comment!! Hope your 2010 is a great one. Mine is off to a wonderful start, knowing that you're out there reading me! All the best!!

Aarkey -

I am a busy beaver. Now...if I can avoid the dam breaking! Happy New Year dude! Thanks for stopping!