Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Is It They Say About Early Birds?

This year I've started early. I promised She last year that I would. Well, what I said when she was so disappointed in me for not properly observing Valentine's Day was, "Just wait until next year." So I've started early.

Papyrus in Soho has a sale on V-Day cards. Buy three get one free. I got six free cards. Plus a bunch of ninety-eight cent stamps, song lyrics to paste into the aforementioned cards and a perverted editor's eye to making the Hallmark holiday hum with the vibrancy of the depraved and deviant. Oh okay, I'll let a couple of vanilla "I love you" cards slip through my debauched revisions, but I think it fitting to mark this made up holiday in this fashion. Plus, so far She loves her cards.

This time last year she started her new job and kind of stopped focusing on me. It hurt and I whined and pined. This year she's moving to a new place and very busy at work. To say the least, I'm busy too. But last year we came through a time when we veered apart only to come together and become closer and stronger. So this year I have lots of quiet trust that our bond is strong and true.

As well, a good chunk of my motivation to study and pass my second bar exam is to be in a position to see She more often. It's not the only reason mind you. We could incinerate and I'd still want my condo with the waterview and parking spot for the convertible. But the thought of her in the picture makes the pain of bar study that much more righteous.

A kinky woman friend said my study was a true act of devotion to my domme, and said that she hoped that She appreciated it. I hope She appreciates it too. But the most important thing is that I know it is, at least in part, a deep act of fidelity and love for a woman who changed my life. Then again, there's also breakfast on the terrace in February in a t-shirt and shorts ... She or no she.

Oh who am I kidding? She has me wrapped around her little finger!


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

LOL! Yes I think you have reached the correct and inevitable conclusion there my friend! But then romantic subbie saps like you and I rather like the feeling of being wrapped around a beautiful finger no? ;-) My former Mistress actually wrote a book with the title; "Whipped: A Professional Dominatrix Shares the Secrets to Wrapping Men Around Your Little Finger." Meanwhile your lady love had already figured out everything in that book (and probably written a sequel) before it was even conceived! :-)

Rock on Advo!! Good luck on your exam and in your relationship with the wondrous and magnificent She! ;-)

advochasty said...

Love the book title! I'd be upset not to be wrapped around She's little finger! I'd mope around like a spoiled little kid, all pouty and whiney.

It just feels better to be more confident that not only am I "whipped and wrapped" but that She likes me that way and wants me to stay.

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm actually beginning to think I can handle this test, daunting though it is.

Crimson said...

You have some very smart kinky female friends.

I am looking forward to you having that waterfront condo. Better stock up on SPF 100 for when I come to visit!

advochasty said...

Hey C !!

Ha! I have some incredibly smart kinky female friends. And wise, insightful, sensitive, funny, and, and, and ...

Not to mention incredibly hot, smart kinky female friends!

But of course I'll have the SPF gazillion for you. And something in a nice sun hat...with a mysterious veil perhaps...