Saturday, January 9, 2010

Picking Up A Stitch

Over the past three years I've come to believe that my kinkiness is a wonderful, rich part of the fabric of who I am. I've become comfortable with my submissive sexuality and have developed pride in a trait that I had for years been ashamed of and had kept secret. But with all the stresses of this time in my life my kink feels lost and unmoored. I can hear a distant horn sound in the thick, cold fog but the sea just feels bleak, dark, and forboding.

Sometimes your kink just gets lost for awhile in the tide of a life. It'll come back though. In a couple of months I'll be writing about seeing the first green buds, a rebirth of life here in my middle ages, and I'll be spring fevered over the blooming of open toed sandals. But until then it just feels like the season of the witch. Oh wait...witches are hot!!!


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi Advo:

I hear you. I have rarely had my kink go underground for very long but there have certainly been times when it wasn't a priority. When the object of your affections is far away or not around it kinda goes into hibernation as well. Kink is best shared with someone you adore.

I love open toed sandals! But how about boot season this year?? OMG everywhere I boots boots! Every girl on the street seems to be wearing a pair of leather boots! Many are wearing them over the knee though not all of them have stiletto heels! I am starting to develop cramps in my neck from snapping my head around at 90 degree angles! :-p

Aarkey said...

I've never had my #1 fetish fade away, but I've definitely had it take a further back seat to the responsibilities of modern life.

You've got a lot on your plate right now, it likely will keep you pretty full for a while.

I'm sure you'll be looking for a dessert someday though ;)


advochasty said...


I've been looking at the boots. They are indeed everywhere. I've developed a thing for riding boots. Flat heels and everything... It's the Anglophile-kinked-up-jodhpurs-'n-a-dressage-whip thing I have. Gotta remember the boots of winter!

Aarkey -

Dessert ... ahhhh ... dessert!! One of these days!