Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Volond said...

(shakes his head in amazement).

I have no idea how you do it!?
Day 60?!

This is just an idea: can, perhaps, another Dominatrix in this big city of ours, release you of your "chastity" promise? I mean, since all this is consensual/non-consensual anyway? Just a thought... (and probably a bad one too)

So, now its a solo trip to Miami... how will you amuse yourself there?

Verification word: amiss.

advochasty said...

For me, on-my-honor chastity is about honor. It's about honoring the domme I'm bound to in my process and adventure. It's chivalry and a warrior zen all rolled into one.

There are no substitutes once the process starts. It's either her, or me on my lonesome - going out with a muffled wimper instead of the honor due my effort.

But I think there's an honor in that.

Still, seven days from my goal. I'll at least make it there even if She is not involved.

Miami was great last time without her. Lots of meet and greet and plenty of opportunity for diversion!!

Volond said...

I am sorry - I was trying to make a joke, which, obviously fell flat.

Like you, I've been in a similar, "on-honor" situation and nobody except for "her" would allow me to break it.

Sorry man. Just kiddin'

advochasty said...


No offense taken at all. I was just sayin'!