Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me, my kink life & 7up.

In my never ending quest to equate my deepest and most serious feelings about my kink life with iconic pop culture advertising, I'm reminded of 7up when I think of where I'm at these days. In the 60's, 70's and 80's 7up was locked in a dual for the useless caloric intake of America with Coke. 7up became the "uncola". Geoffrey Holder extolled the virtues of larger and jucier "uncola nuts" in the process of making the sickly sweet drink. For a chastity guy, larger and jucier nuts are quite appealing. But, despite the catchy ad campaign, I was always a Coca-Cola guy and 7up has really faded.

However, in reflecting on how much I like having kinky friends and how complicating the "client" relationship is to a shared dinner with a domme, I'm reminded of 7up. Despite the name of my blog, I think for the time being I'm swearing off the role of client. I like making friends too much. So ... hi there... I'm advochasty, Client Nine and a Half, the "unclient".

And, dear reader, instead of our usual musical interlude, here's a banned 7up commercial for your prurient pleasure. My kinda girl ... I think I'm in love.

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