Saturday, August 2, 2008


I'd like to think I'm a decent, basically honest, respectful guy. I'm for sure prone to running off at the mouth at bit and I definitely lead with my emotional chin sometimes without always thinking through all the collateral consequences of what I seek. But I don't see myself as a fundementally disrespectful submissive man.

What is respect within the pardigm of the client/prodomme relationship? Sure, no two relationships are the same and respect can mean different things to different subs and dommes. But are there some basic rules of the toll road to heaven? Still smarting from MTO's good natured, well meaning, completely deserved public flogging I happily suffered on my "High Maintenance" post, I pose this question to you, my reader.

We clients have personal limits. No marks, no harsh humiliation, don't call me at home, no this that or the other. We mercy out. We compartmentalize.

You dommes post limits on websites, run a business, suffer endless time wasters and insincerity. Despite it all you take us to magical places we might never, ever see without your skill, sensitivity and dedication. So are there basic rules of respect?

  • Respect her time.
  • Respect her limits whatever they may be.
  • Respect her privacy.
  • Respect and appreciate where she takes me as long as we both choose to interact.
  • Respect her no and her yes.

But is it really disrespectful to desire and want if you don't demand? Is it truly disrespectful to want "friend time" if you don't ask for it? To want an emotional connection if you don't pester and plead?

Back in the day... they used ta say, "Take the sheet off your face boy, it's a brand new day"!

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